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The Zoological Chamber, also known as the Zoological Bay, is a room in the Arks, primarily located in Ark 4 where numerous animal species are placed, so they can survive the 2012 Apocalypse, along with 400,000 human passengers on board. It is where the Curtis family and Nima's family stowed away before one of the tsunamis in the Worldwide Flooding hit the continent of Asia.   



The Zoological Bay was created during the construction of the Arks, which were made to make sure that numerous animal species don't go extinct when the end of the world comes. Animal species include giraffes, gorillas, elephants, bears, rhinos, anteaters, wolves, chickens and other species of animals. When flooding occurs, the Bay had emergency flood barriers to prevent the water from entering the Arks.   

2012 Apocalypse[]

During the worldwide apocalypse on December 21st, 2012, massive earthquakes wrecked several continents and cities, volcanoes engulfed several areas across the globe, including supervolcanoes. Then gigantic megatsunamis at 1500 meters high, formed by the magnitude of the corresponding quakes began to flood the entire planet with water, killing billions of humans and causing mass destruction worldwide.   

When the Arks prepare for the upcoming tsunami that is heading for Asia, the Ark's anchors were placed on the Ark to make sure that it will survive the strength of the wave. The Curtis Family, Gordon Silberman, Tamara Jikan and Nima's Family stowaway on Ark 4 where the American people are on board so they can survive the apocalypse. They reached the Hydraulic Chamber where Tenzin, Nima's brother, uses an Impact Driver to unscrew a hatch that leads from the Hydraulic Chamber to the Zoological Bay and opens it. Nima, his grandparents, Tamara, Caesar, Lilly Curtis, Kate Curtis and Noah Curtis made it to the Bay and discover the animal species that are kept in cages.   

During the Flooding of Ark 4 when the tsunami hit, the Impact Driver got jammed into the gate's gears when the crew opened them to let the last remaining survivors on and it left the gate slightly open, allowing the water to enter in. As the Zoological Bay got flooded, the emergency flood barriers began to close, trapping Jackson, Kate, Noah, Nima, the grandparents and Tenzin in one slowly flooding end, trapping Tamara in a rapid flooding area, but saving Lilly and Caesar on the non flooding area after Tamara sacrifices herself to save both of them as the drowns in the bay. After Adrian Helmsley, Laura Wilson and an Ark worker inform Jackson about the gears jamming, Jackson and his son Noah managed to get the drill out of the gears before the Ark could impact Mount Everest and the bay stopped flooding when the gate closed.   


It is presumed that the Zoological Bay was still flooded with water when the apocalypse ended. Jackson and his group were rescued and have presumed to be brought out from the animal cages above them when the Ark workers could not open the barriers due to them being flooded. Tamara's body was presumed to be recovered.   


  • The emergency flood barriers seem to be strong enough to leave one area in the bay slowly flooding, one not flooding and the third rapidly flooding when the tsunami hit Asia.