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Get them out of Yellowstone, it's gonna get ugly here!
~ Charlie Frost to Jackson Curtis

Yellowstone National Park was a national park located primarily in the U.S. State of Wyoming, although it also extended into Idaho and Montana.


2012 Apocalypse[]

Due to the Earth's core heating up as a result of a massive solar flare in 2009, several regions of the park were declared restricted zones and fenced off by the U.S. Army so that geologists could study increasing hotspots around the park.

Adrian Helmsley flew to Yellowstone to collect data from the caldera. As he was discussing to Professor West about scientific news around Yellowstone, a soldier informs him that a family has apprehended in a hot zone, which turns out to be Jackson Curtis and his children. Being a fan of Jackson's books, Adrian greets him and converses with them before ordering their release. Adrian returns to a video call with Satnam Tsurutani, where Satnam informed them that the Earth's crust is destabilizing. This info led to the research station being evacuated and abandoned that night.

The park was later destroyed when the Yellowstone Caldera erupted.