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"Get out of Yellowstone! It's gonna get ugly!"

- Charlie Frost

Yellowstone National Park was a national park located primarily in the U.S. state of Wyoming, although it also extended into Idaho and Montana.


20th Century

In 1999, Jackson Curtis and Kate Curtis visited Yellowstone Lake when they married.

21st Century

By 2012, Yellowstone had increased in volcanic activity. Several regions of the park were declared restricted zones and fenced off by the U.S. Army so that geologists could study the increasing phenomenon that would soon become the 2012 Apocalypse. The Yellowstone Lake had almost completely dried by this time.

Later that night, after an unexpected report that Yellowstone and other hot zones across the globe were rising at an unprecedented rate, which would lead to the Yellowstone Caldera erupting soon. In response, the military and all research personnel evacuated from Yellowstone, with Adrian Helmsley warning Carl Anheuser that the apocalypse would begin soon and that the evacuations had to commence immediately to preserve humanity.

The park was destroyed when Yellowstone's caldera erupted soon after the Los Angeles Earthquake destroyed California, leading to the entire area to become a super-volcano big enough to create an ash cloud that can swallow the entire United States.


  • In the film, it at first (when Jackson drives) appears to be close to Los Angeles, but in reality it is much (much) further away, that Jackson would need a big plane to fly there and back in a short time.
  • Additionally, in Los Angeles, Jackson could also catch Charlie's radio signals/broadcast, while Charlie was in Yellowstone, in reality, it would be too far to pickup.