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No matter your race, your country, your God. Whether you're a Christian or a Buddhist or a Muslim or Rastafarian, by tomorrow we will all be one!
~ Charlie Frost during his final radio broadcast

The Yellowstone Caldera, also known as the Yellowstone Supervolcano, was a volcanic caldera located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. It became a site of one of the major disasters during the 2012 Apocalypse, rendering much of North America uninhabitable.


2012 Apocalypse[]

Around midday, the Curtis family and Gordon returned to Yellowstone to retrieve a map from Charlie Frost, which shows the location of the Arks. After retrieving the map from Charlie, lava began to force its way to the surface and the Yellowstone Caldera began to erupt. The caldera erupted violently, exploding and sending a shockwave that blew trees backwards and causing pyroclasts to shoot out from the volcano. Charlie was killed in the blast before the ash cloud began to destroy the park, but the Curtis family and Gordon were able to escape.

The ash cloud began to spread around the United States, rendering much of it uninhabitable. When the apocalypse ended, the Caldera became inactive and was flooded by a megatsunami during the Worldwide Flooding.