The Worldwide Flooding, also known as the 2012 tsunamis, was one of the catastrophic disasters that occurred during the 2012 apocalypse. Gigantic mega-tsunamis at 1500 meters high, formed by the magnitude of the corresponding quakes, in all of the seas around the globe rapidly flooded the entire planet with several feet of water. This killed several humans, who weren't picked up and some that survived the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions worldwide.

When the apocalypse ended, the global floodwaters from the tsunamis started to recede and the entire African continent had risen, which allowed the remaining 2012 survivors to begin a new life there.


2012 apocalypse

As the catastrophic apocalypse occurred around the world, massive earthquakes (of unprecedented strength) wrecked several cities and nations globally, destroying Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the states of California and Nevada, Brazil, the states of USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Israel, Thailand, Indonesia and Africa. Volcanoes and super-volcanoes erupted violently in various regions, destroying Yellowstone National Park, the islands of Hawaii and rendering various regions uninhabitable, due to the ash clouds.

The Flooding

Onboard Air Force One, as the staff members recorded every seismic activity around the world, the Earth's crust finally began to shift at 1.22 degrees, which stuns Dr. Adrian Helmsley, Carl Anheuser, Professor Frederick West, and Scotty. Professor West concludes that when the movement of the Earth's landmasses comes to a halt, gigantic mega-tsunamis formed by the magnitude of the corresponding quakes, will flood the entire planet with 1500 meters of water.

As the Worldwide Flooding rapidly occurred around the globe, one tsunami struck the Genesis ship, making it capsize and flooded over it. Another tsunami carried the USS John F. Kennedy carrier crashing straight into the White House, destroying it and killing President Thomas Wilson before the tsunami continued to flood the Eastern United States. More tsunamis continued to flood the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, Israel, Southeast Asia, Latin American, Oceania, Thailand, Japan before the final tsunami prepared to flood the Cho Ming Valley area, resulting in the death of Helmsley's friend, Dr. Satnam Tsurtani along with his family.

When the tsunami hit the Arks, the three vehicles managed to withstand the strength of the wave, but Ark 4's gate was left open, due to an Impact Driver jamming its gears when the Curtis Family, Tenzin and Nima's family stowed away on Ark 4. But Jackson Curtis and his son Noah managed to get the drill out of the gears before the ship could impact Mount Everest, only half-flooded.


As a result of the Worldwide Flooding, along with the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the Earth's continents had suffered extreme damage and were rendered uninhabitable. The event made it one of the deadliest disasters to occur in Earth's history. When the time was reset to year one, the global floodwaters from the tsunamis started to recede and the African continent (which did not suffer extreme damage) had risen, allowing the passengers and crew on board the arks to begin a new life there.

Cities and Continents destroyed in the Worldwide Flooding

Cities that were destroyed in the Worldwide Flooding include:

Maine Jamaica Wales Sumatra
New York City Dominica Paris Phillappines
Washington DC Martinique France Tokelau Islands
Charlotte Aruba Berlin, Germany Sydney
Orlando Haiti Switzerland Australia
Miami Dominican Republic Spain New Zealand
Houston Guanajuato Rome Tokyo
Dallas Barranquilla Italy Japan
Atlanta Brasiila Altai Republic Israel
Las Vegas Rio de Janerio Serbia and Montenergo Dubai
Los Angeles Amazon Rainforest Athens Ur
San Fransisco Antarctica Greece Jerusalem
Seattle Patagonia Turkey North Korea
Chicago South Sandwich Islands Russia South Korea
St Louis Costa Rica Moscow Tajikistan
Wisconsin Guatemala Shanghai Poland
Toronto Dublin, Ireland China Central African Republic
Niagera Falls Belfast, Northern Ireland Cho Ming Valley, Tibet Turkmenistan
Puerto Rico Edinburgh, Scotland Himalayas Gabon
Barrie Manchester, England Nampan Plateau Melbourne
Vaughan Birmingham India Comoros
Ontario Yorkshire Thailand Nauru
Canada Lancashire Indonesia North Sudan
Guadeloupe London, England Borneo South Sudan
Cuba United Kingdom Vietnam Kyrgyzstan
Philadelphia Liverpool Uzbekistan Dublin
Pennsylvania Blackpool Asia Kazakhstan
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