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So you're telling me that the North Pole is now somewhere in Wisconsin?
~ Carl Anheuser

Wisconsin was a state located in the north-central United States and is part of the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. It was bordered by Minnesota to the west, Iowa to the southwest, Illinois to the south, Lake Michigan to the east, and Michigan to the northeast. Wisconsin's capital was Madison. The state comprised of 72 counties.


21st Century[]

It was mentioned that it was the former home of Jackson's neighbor Merrill and his wife. Merrill's wife assured him that she told him of moving to LA was a bad idea, due to witnessing a small crack caused by a small earthquake, and had to move back to Wisconsin.

During the 2012 Apocalypse, on board Air Force One, simulations on the radar map of the world shown that the South Pole is now located somewhere in Wisconsin.


  • Wisconsin seems to be a bit of an inside joke in the movie
    • As mentioned before, Jackson's neighbors were originally from there as said by Merrill
    • After the shifting of the Earth's crust, the South Pole ended up becoming located in Wisconsin
    • The final line of Jackson Curtis's book states "We've worked it out. Somehow or another, we all have relatives in Wisconsin"