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The capitols been hit by a 9.4!
~ Air Force One officer

Washington D.C. was the capital of the United States. It covered the same area as the District of Columbia, between Virginia and Maryland.


21st Century[]

In 2009, Adrian Helmsley arrived at the Lincoln Plaza Hotel in Washington D.C. during a fundraiser party to alert government officials about data collected during his time at the Naga Deng Copper Mine in India that shows the Earth's temperature increasing at a rapid pace, which would lead to a series of geological disasters in the upcoming years. He runs into White House Chief of Staff Carl Anhueser and shows him the data, to which Anheuser takes Adrian to see President Thomas Wilson.

2012 Apocalypse[]

In late 2012, after Professor West revealed that the Yellowstone Caldera erupted and the subsequent ash cloud would reach Washington in seven hours, Anhueser, Adrian, First Daughter Laura Wilson and several other government officials evacuate the White House and board Air Force One, with President Thomas Wilson staying to address the nation one last time.

Washington is seen being covered in a volcanic ash cloud that erupted from the Yellowstone Caldera in the night, with many refugees from earthquake-battered cities moving to the White House and President Wilson staying with his people. It was later hit by a massive 9.4 magnitude earthquake which centered in North Chesapeake Bay that caused everyone to struggle to stand and survive. Shortly, it destroyed the Washington Monument, killing everybody outside the White House. 

While the Earth's crust shifted, President Wilson, who was of the remaining survivors of the massive earthquake, awoke and saw the USS John F. Kennedy along with a mega-tsunami heading to the White House. As a result, he is crushed to death by the USS John F. Kennedy, which then destroys White House and swept away most of the remaining buildings that stood.

In the aftermath of the apocalypse, the remains of Washington D.C are submerged underwater and is rendered uninhabitable from the apocalyptic disasters.