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This is Charlie Frost reporting live from Yellowstone Park, soon to become the world's largest active volcano!
~ Charlie Frost before his talk with Jackson Curtis

Volcanoes are a type of geological natural disasters that are formed by earthquakes between/within tectonic plates, when seismic activity occurs. Volcanoes tend to erupt with magma reservoirs flowing towards the crust from the mantle, in a process of convection currents which allows the plates to move about. This type of geological natural disasters is considered one of the most extremely dangerous disasters to occur after/with earthquakes.


2012 Apocalypse[]

Many of the volcanoes and the super volcano seen in the film caused a lot of damage across the United States.

After Jackson Curtis carried his family - Kate, Noah and Lilly - and Gordon Silberman out of the destruction of the Los Angeles Earthquake, they arrived at the deserted Yellowstone National Park to fuel in the Western Spirit. Jackson, wanting to find Charlie's map, drove his camper to the area where Charlie was broadcasting the Yellowstone Caldera Eruption. The caldera surfaced and finally erupted in a tremendous explosion, killing Charlie and chasing Jackson and Lilly back to the airstrip.

The ash cloud of the Yellowstone eruption would go on to reach Las Vegas, still packing enough potency to destroy McCarren International Airport, and then Washington, D.C, which the ash cloud long dissipated but still fell like snow.

When the Antonov 500 commandeered by Yuri and Jackson's group escaped the engulfment of Las Vegas, they decided that they would need to fuel in Hawai'i in order to make it to China. Unfortunately, to much of everyone's surprise, they only managed to find lava flows and volcanoes erupting.

Volcanic activity[]

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