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Not good. That is not good
~ Yuri Karpov observing the destruction

The Volcanic Eruptions of Hawaii was an event that occurred during the 2012 Apocalypse. Due to Earth Crust Displacement and the heating of the Earth's core, Hawaii's volcanoes erupted, destroying the entire state and engulfing its landmasses in lava and fire. The event resulted in the deaths of millions and leaving no signs of survivors.


2012 Apocalypse[]

As the worldwide apocalypse began, several earthquakes wrecked cities and nations all across the world, leaving them in ruins. Volcanoes around the globe, including super-volcanoes, erupted and it engulfed various places, leaving them uninhabitable.

Throughout the evening, Hawaii became one of the targets of volcanoes; all of the volcanoes on the islands, including the Hawaiian Hotspot, erupted, resulting in lava engulfing all the cities and causing the buildings to collapse, due to earthquakes triggered by the eruptions.

Discovered by the Curtis and Karpov Group[]

After escaping from the Engulfment of Las Vegas on board an Antonov 500 aircraft, the Curtis Family, the Karpov Family, Sasha, Gordon Silberman and Tamara Jikan fly to China where the Arks are located in hopes to survive the apocalypse. Due to being low on fuel, Sasha and Gordon prepare to land the plane for refueling in Hawaii, but are puzzled to see the reddish orange-colored smoke coming through the clouds.

Sasha tells Gordon to invite Jackson Curtis and Yuri Karpov to the cockpit so they can take a look, with the women and children remaining in the cabin. Jackson, Yuri, Gordon and Sasha watch in horror as the islands of Hawaii are in ruins and consumed by lava due to the volcanic eruptions. Jackson asked Sasha how much fuel they have left, Sasha responded that they don't have enough fuel and that they were going to make a water landing in the South China Sea. Gordon added that they don't need the landing gear as they lost it all in Las Vegas when they escaped. The group flies off as the buildings of Honolulu crumble.


  • This event is the only disaster sequence to feature not a city or nation being destroyed, but shown after an event has devastated a once famous city.
  • When the apocalypse ended, the Hawaiian islands seem to have been flooded by the mega-tsunamis and it is unknown if the now uninhabitable islands of Hawaii have risen above the sea level.