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I'll be the last president of the United States of America, do you know how that feels son?
~ President Thomas Wilson to Adrian Helmsley

United States of America, commonly known as United States, U.S. or simply America, was a large country composed of fifty states, a federal district, and several self-governing territories. Its capital was Washington D.C.



Adrian Helmsley arrives at the Lincoln Plaza Hotel in Washington DC to inform Chief of Staff Carl Anheuser about a massive solar flare that caused the Earth's core to increase its temperature rapidly, which will make the Earth's crust unstable in the coming years.


During the 2012 Apocalypse, the western and southwestern parts of the United States were devastated by massive earthquakes, destroying various cities and regions around the country. A 10.9 magnitude earthquake struck California, destroying Los Angeles before the coast sank into the Pacific Ocean.

Soon afterwards, the Yellowstone Caldera erupted in Yellowstone National Park, destroying it. The rest of the continental United States was destroyed by earthquakes and the Yellowstone ash cloud rendered much of the U.S. uninhabitable when it spread across the country. Hawaii was also obliterated by volcanic eruptions, covering the state in a sea of lava and destroying Honolulu. The state of Wisconsin was later made as the new South Pole when the Earth had shifted its crust and changed its magnetic positions.

When the Worldwide Flooding occurred, the United States was then swept by megatsunamis on the Eastern and Western seaboards, submerging it underwater, killing any potential survivors in the remnants of the country.

Former States[]


  • United States was one of the countries part of the main settings of the film.