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The USS John F. Kennedy was a navy battleship with the name of the 35th president, John F Kennedy. During the 2012 apocalypse, it was destroyed when a tsunami swept it into Washington D.C.


The White House Destruction

After the 9.4 earthquake hits Washington D.C, killing everybody except President Thomas Wilson, he wakes up and sees something from the distance in the fog and ash. When he got a closer look he saw a mega-tsunami, triggered by the magnitude of the corresponding quakes, and it was carrying the USS John F. Kennedy.

Reaching his final moments, President Wilson softly says his last words: "I'm coming home Dorothy." as the ship carrier's antenna broke off, including its ships that fall off into the waves before destroyed the White House, killing the refugees inside. As the USS John F Kennedy is swept into the capital, the tsunami flooded over the carrier and continued to flood the Eastern United States.