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I called... I was too late
~ Tony to Harry Helmsley

Tony Delgatto is a musician and Harry Helmsley's music partner. He had a son, Wil Delgatto, who moved to Japan and started a family. Tony was a casualty of the 2012 Apocalypse.


2012 Apocalypse[]

Tony is first seen with Harry boarding the Genesis in San Francisco. As they board, Harry talks about Tony's son about marrying a girl in Japan and how he sees his own son and talks with him. Their conversation is interrupted by a small wave pushing the Genesis against the dock, startling them and the other passengers.

Days later, the two are seen performing in the ship's lounge, and later enjoys a drink and admonishes Harry's sudden want of a shot after 25 years of sobriety. Later on, them along with other crew members watch President Thomas Wilson final address,

Tony, now knowing that the world was now ending, called his family in Tokyo in an attempt to warn them. As Tony waits for Wil to speak to him, a massive earthquake hit Japan, and with Tony not able to do anything but listen, the call disconnects.


As the Earth's crust started to shift, massive tsunamis spawned around the world, including one that started to head towards the Genesis. In the kitchen, Tony learns that Japan has been hit by a massive earthquake and that parts of it have sank into the ocean. Tony told Harry that he called, but was too late. Harry tries to console Tony, but everything in the ship begins tilting to one side, and those in the kitchen clinging to whatever they can. Tony loses his grip on the table and falls, the tsunami capsizing the ship and drowning everyone on board.

Alternative Ending[]

After the apocalypse ends, it is revealed that Tony and Harry survived the tsunami along with a few survivors, which both of them were glad for. Tony was injured and had his left arm in a sling. When time was reset to year one, Harry called his son, Adrian to let him know that he is fine and how they are going to be rescued by the Arks, which the Genesis ship is shipwrecked on a small island.