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Tony Delgatto is a major character in 2012. He was an elderly traveling musician and Harry Helmsley's music partner. He had a son, Will Delgatto, who moved to Japan and started a family without including Tony. Tony was presumably a casualty of the 2012 Apocalypse.


Early Life

Not much is shown about Tony's early life, but he grew up to be a musician alongside with his partner and friend, Harry Helmsley. He had a wife, who died from unknown causes, and a son named William "Will" Delgatto who moved to Japan to start a family without Tony, due to an argument. But Tony still wanted to make things up with his son.

Boarding the Genesis

In late 2012, before the apocalypse began, which Tony is unaware of, he and Harry boarded the cruise ship, the Genesis, in San Francisco, California so they can begin their next musical event in Tokyo, Japan. As Harry and Tony begin talking, Tony flirts with some ladies and helps Harry search for their musical event that is being hosted in the ballroom of the Genesis. Harry talks about Tony's son, Will Delgatto about marrying a girl in Japan and how he sees his son, Adrian, who is in Washington D.C., which is far away from California, and about how he talks about each others lives. Just then, due to the Earth's crust becoming unstable, a small wave pushed the Genesis ship to the side of the dock which shocked everyone, but no one was hurt and Harry asked: "What the hell was that?!?" while Tony was left speechless.

2012 Apocalypse

Days later, Harry and Tony are travelling through the Pacific Ocean on the Genesis as they peform on stage for their musical song: "It Ain't the End of the World" and everyone cheers for them as their song finished. A waiter named Kevin provided drinks for Tony and Harry, and told Harry that there was a call for him and Harry told him he can take care of it. Harry informed Tony, the passengers and crew about the news of the world ending on the day that is happening, 21st of December who were shocked and horrified of this.

As the Genesis continued to sail across the doomed Earth, Harry, Tony and several crew members realised that they cannot escape from the disastrous results of the apocalypse, since they are far away from land and that helicopters can't come and rescue them, since they might be destroyed in several earthquakes around the world. They also watch President Thomas Wilson addressing the nation one last time as that they cannot prevent the Earth's destruction and how they must prepare themselves for the end.

Tony, knowing that the apocalypse is global and that it was going to destroy the world, called his family in Tokyo to warn them. He recieves a call from his granddaughter Yoko Delgatto who is pleased to hear that it is her grandfather and informs her father Will about it. As Tony waits for Will to speak to him, a massive earthquake striked the continent of Japan, killing Will and his family, which horrified Tony as the phone went dead, realising that he was too late.

Presumed Death

As the Worldwide Flooding occurred among the Japanese seaboard, with two underwater quakes at 7.9 and 8.2, a gigantic tsunami at 1500 meters begins heading straight towards the Genesis. In the pantry, the cooks and Tony learn that Japan has been hit by a massive earthquake on TV before it loses status, due to the shutdown of all electricity and radio relays. Tony told Harry that he called his family in Japan, but was too late to warn them about the apocalypse. Harry told Tony that he hoped Will and his family got out in time, but they were presumably killed, as everything in the ship begins tilting to one side. Harry makes it to an open door and saw that the tsunami is capsizing the ship, which then presumably killed everyone on board.

Alternative Ending

After the apocalypse ended, it is revealed that Tony and Harry survived the tsunami along with a few survivors, which both of them were glad for. Tony was injured and had his left arm in a sling. When time was reset to year one, Harry called his son, Adrian to let him know that he is fine and how they are going to be rescued by the Arks, which the Genesis ship is shipwrecked on a small island.


  • Tony Delgatto was portrayed by George Segal.