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The world as we know it... will soon come to an end.
~ Thomas Wilson during the G8 meeting

Do you know how much strength it gives me knowing that you will survive? The only thing left to do now... is to tell the truth to people.
~ Thomas Wilson calling Laura Wilson from the White House

I'm coming home, Dorothy...
~ Thomas Wilson's last words

Thomas Wilson was the President of the United States of America and the father of Laura Wilson. Prior to the events of the film, Thomas's wife, Dorothy, died. Thomas Wilson was a casualty of the 2012 Apocalypse.

Staying behind instead of going to the Arks, President Wilson survived the 9.4 magnitude earthquake that rocked Washington D.C., but was killed by a mega-tsunami that sent the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy crashing into the White House.


In 2009, after Adrian Helmsley returned from India with information about the upcoming apocalypse before 2012, the President called for a G8 meeting in British Columbia. He told all the heads of state at the meeting about the oncoming disaster.

President Wilson is seen again before Adrian Helmsley took off for Yellowstone, telling him that the apocalypse was going to happen sooner than expected, along with introducing Adrian to his daughter Laura who came to ask him about her colleague's death in Paris. He comes clean to her and tells her about the Ark project.

Adrian returned from Yellowstone and confirmed the worst, giving the news to the G8 nations the next day. President Wilson recommends that they leave immediately.

At some point during the day, President Wilson decided to stay behind in D.C. Adrian tried to convince him to evacuate, but he tells Adrian about his wife, regrets, and how Adrian's life was worth more than "A dozen old politicians". He went on to give a final address to the nation, which was seen by those in New York City, Las Vegas, the Genesis, and Air Force One.


The Yellowstone ash cloud went on hit DC that night, the White House and its grounds getting turned into a refugee camp. President Wilson went out to find a person whose daughter has been separated. However, a 9.4 earthquake hits DC, destroying the Washington Monument and knocking President Wilson, and everyone else outside, unconscious. Minutes later, President Wilson woke up, and watched as a tsunami, which is carrying the USS John F Kennedy, washed into D.C. The carrier crashed into the White House, killing President Wilson and anyone else who was in the building.


  • Thomas Wilson was portrayed by Danny Glover.
  • Thomas Wilson's surname is also the real name of former real-life, President Woodrow Wilson.
  • His daughter, Laura, mentioned that if he was on the Ark, he would open the gates for the survivors who are unable to afford the Ark's funding.
  • In reality, Barack Obama was the president at the time of 2012, having to defeat Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential elections.
  • It's unknown if the events of the film occurs during his first or second term.
    • There is also no mention of an election taking place.
  • Wilson choosing to stay behind in Washington instead of evacuating to the Arks may be a nod to American businessman, bootlegger, and prospector Harry Raniel Truman, refusing to leave his home near Mt. St. Helens when he was told to do so before the 1980 eruption.