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I've rented a plane. Pack up the kids, I'll be there in 10 minutes
~ Jackson Curtis to Kate Curtis

The Western Spirit was a Cessna model plane that Jackson Curtis rented in order to save his family and Gordon Silberman during the 2012 Apocalypse.


2012 Apocalypse[]

Los Angeles Earthquake[]

On December 21st, 2012, after Jackson Curtis dropped Yuri Karpov's twin sons, Alec and Oleg at the Santa Monica Airport, he overhears them saying they have tickets to a big ship, saying he will die and they will live. This immediately causes Jackson to realize that they are right and after witnessing a small crack under his limo, as well hearing Charlie Frost on the radio, he realizes that the apocalypse was beginning. Shocked and alarmed, Jackson heads into a nearby hangar where he meets a pilot who has a Cessna airliner and he rents it, giving his watch as a payment.

After renting the plane, Jackson drove his limo back to the Curtis Household where he warns Kate, his former wife about California that's about to start going down at any moment. Kate thought he was acting crazy and told him to talk to her when he calmed down, and then hangs up on him just as a 10.9 magnitude earthquake strikes, as Jackson warned. Soon after, Jackson rescued Kate, his son Noah, daughter Lilly, and Kate's current boyfriend, Gordon, as they drove through the crumbling city of Los Angeles. They arrive at the airport to find the pilot whom Jackson hired had been killed, Kate told Gordon that he can fly, but he says he only had lessons in a single engine plane. Jackson tells Gordon to get the plane moving, soon after the Curtis family and Gordon take off just before the earthquake started taking its full toll. They fly through the collapsing freeways, buildings and subways, narrowly missing them just as the entire state of California sank into the Pacific Ocean.

Yellowstone Caldera Eruption[]

Around midday, Jackson's group returns to Yellowstone to retrieve Charlie's map that will show the Ark's location, which are the only things that can save them. The Cessna was running out of fuel, but luckily at the airstrip there was fuel. Kate refueled the plane while Jackson and Lilly head to find Charlie. As the plane was full up of fuel, the Yellowstone Caldera erupted violently, killing Charlie and sending volcanic bombs shooting everywhere around the park.

Jackson and Lilly return to the airstrip as Gordon gets the plane ready for takeoff. Kate, Noah, Lilly and Gordon wait for Jackson to board as he was finding the map in Charlie's camper, but an earthquake formed a crack between the camper and a lava bomb shot down, causing the camper to fall in. Jackson manages to climb out back to the surface just as Gordon was about to let the plane leave. After slowing down to let Jackson board the plane, Gordon then takes off and attempted to go faster in order to outrun the ash cloud. The ash cloud was catching up fast and almost engulfed the plane, but Gordon manages to make it go fast just in time.

Engulfment of Las Vegas[]

In the late afternoon, Jackson's group arrive in a devastated Las Vegas to find a larger plane, after learning that the Arks are in Cho Ming, Tibet, China. Gordon lands the plane at Las Vegas International Airport and the group abandoned the small airliner to find a larger plane. When the Yellowstone ash cloud engulfed Las Vegas, the Western Spirit was destroyed but the Curtis family and Gordon boarded an Antonov 500 to escape along with the Karpov family, Tamara, and Sasha.