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Tenzin (Chinese: 丹增 Dān zēng) is a worker who lived in Tibet. Tenzin helped smuggle his family and the Curtis family onto the Ark 04, where his foot gets badly scraped, but he survives.

Role in the Plot[]

Tenzin is perhaps the most important character and had it not been for him, the Curtis family would not have survived because their fate had been in his hands and depended on his decision.

Tenzin worked in the Tibet province of the People's Republic of China, a country that did not care for the survival of its people or neither did it ever address a farewell as did the United States.

Tenzin is the brother of the Buddhist monk Nima. His grandfather refuses to leave and prepare for the destruction that was to come. Tenzin and Nima instead plan to smuggle their grandmother into the Ark 4, which was to carry surviving passengers since their grandfather was too stubborn to listen.

When Nima arrives at Tenzin's work site, there are some unexpected guests in the vehicle, a group of American survivors, a science-fiction writer by the name of Jackson Curtis, his ex-wife Kate, their kids Lilly and Noah, and Kate's boyfriend Gordon; and a Russian survivor by the name of Tamara Jikan. The group had just come from a plane crash site that killed its pilot, where its cocky and rich owner just had just abandoned them after being escorted by Chinese troops to the Arks.

At first, Tenzin is very reluctant to take the family but Nima and their grandmother convince him to take the others. At one point, Kate was willing to have Tenzin take the kids without her or any of the adults. Tenzin helps them stow away into Ark 4 via its chambers. An impact driver which he used to open a hatch to let the family into the zoology chamber, however, becomes lodged in one of the ship's hydraulic doors and amid the way, Tenzin's leg is wounded by the hydraulics while Gordon is killed by them. Also, the emergency doors close around them as a mega-tsunami arrives and floods the ship, worsening Tenzin's leg. Luckily, Jackson Curtis and Noah take the heroic initiative to dive into the watery depths and dislodge the impact driver from the hydraulic doors setting Ark 4 adrift. It lightly crashes into Mount Everest, although no significant damage is done.


  • Tenzin was protrayed by Chin Han.