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Survivors and Casualties of the 2012 film have either survived the 2012 Apocalypse or perished in the disastrous results of the apocalypse. Some survivors who boarded the Arks were selected by geneticists, while other survivors were billionaires (who paid for their seats), construction workers, or government officials. Approximately, more than 400,000 have survived the apocalypse while some people that did not get picked up were killed around the world.


In late 2012, some people (and religious people) have believed that the apocalypse was going to happen and went on the streets holding up signs saying that the end of the world is near while other people didn't think that it was going to happen and thought that it was just a myth.

What the public didn't know was that the Ark Project had been building Arks to ensure humanity's survival and they have kept the 2012 disaster a secret from them in order to prevent a massive panic and civil unrest and the apocalypse was indeed going to happen. People around the world who were chosen to board the arks did know that the apocalypse was going to happen and didn't say a word about it to the public. Scientists from around the world who have discovered this were killed in various accidents when they tried to warn the world.

On December 21st 2012, the people around the world thought that the world was continuing normally and the end of the world wasn't happening, but they were wrong. As the apocalypse began, a magnitude 10.9 earthquake struck Los Angeles, destroying California as it sank into the Pacific Ocean and more earthquakes of unprecedented strength wrecked havoc around the globe, making everyone realize that myths from the Mayan Calendar and the 2012 Apocalypse were true.

As millions of people around the world were killed by massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and gigantic tsunamis, other survivors have made it to the Arks and were desperate to get on. With Adrian Helmsley's speech, he managed to convince the other heads of state to let the remaining survivors aboard the Arks after revealing that his friend, Dr. Satnam Tsurutani had discovered the apocalypse and was killed with his family in a tsunami in eastern India and died in vain, including those who didn't get picked up. As the remaining survivors boarded the Arks, a tsunami approached the site and the flooded Ark 4 was sent adrift, but the Curtis family (who have survived and stowed away on the Ark) managed to get the impact driver out of the gate's gears that was jamming them, before the Ark can impact Mount Everest and kill everyone onboard. After the apocalypse ended on December 22nd 2012, everyone on board the Arks survived.

When the days continued and the calendar reset to year one, the global floodwaters from the tsunamis started to recede and the entire African continent had risen which allowed the 2012 survivors to begin a new life there and rebuild humanity as the Arks have set sail for it.

Alternative Ending[]

In the alternative ending of the film, the Arks had picked up some remaining surviving passengers from the Genesis ship and continued to set sail for the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.

Survivors and Casualties[]

This is a table of the 2012 survivors and casualties, which feature their age, occupation, and the cause of death (casualties only).

Survivors Age Occupation
Jackson Curtis 33 Science-Fiction writer and limo driver
Kate Curtis 32 Medical Student
Noah Curtis 10 Student
Lilly Curtis 8 Student
Adrian Helmsley 32 Geologist and Chief Science Adviser
Dr. Laura Wilson N/A Art Expert and First Daughter
Carl Anheuser 61 Chief of Staff and acting President
Scotty N/A Assistant to Adrian Helmsley
Professor Frederick West N/A White House Staff
Alec Karpov N/A Unknown (possibly student)
Oleg Karpov N/A Unknown (possibly student)
Nima N/A Buddhist Monk
Tenzin N/A Ark Worker
Captain Michaels N/A Ark Captain
Casualties Age Occupation Cause of Death
Gordon Silberman N/A Plastic Surgeon Crushed by the ark's gate gears
Yuri Karpov 45 Billionaire Falls to his death
Tamara Jikan 25 Unknown Drowns in the Zoological Bay
Charlie Frost N/A Radio Host and Conspiracy Theorist Engulfed by the Yellowstone Caldera
President Thomas Wilson 58 President of the United States Gets killed by a megatsunami
Vice President of USA N/A Vice President of the United States Killed when his helicopter goes down in an ash cloud
Speaker of the House N/A Speaker of the House of Representatives Unknown
Satnam Tsurutani 35 Astrophysicist Killed by a mega-tsunami along with his family
Aparni S. Tsurutani N/A Wife of Satnam Tsurutani Killed by a mega-tsunami
Ajit Tsurantani Son of Aparni S. Tsurutani and Satnam Tsurutani Killed by a mega-tsunami
Lama Rinponche N/A Buddhist Monk Killed by a mega-tsunami
Sally N/A White House Staff Either killed by earthquake or megatsunami
Sasha Hoho 40 Yuri Karpov's Pilot Gets killed by Antonov 500 plane crash
Italian Prime Minister N/A Prime Minister of Italy Gets crushed by debris
Italian Prime Minister's Wife N/A First Lady of Italy Gets crushed by debris
Pope N/A Servant of Christ Either falls from the balcony or gets crushed by debris
Arnold Schwarzenegger 65 Former Governor of California Presumably killed by the Los Angeles Earthquake
Two old ladies N/A Citizens of Pasadena Crashed on the face of a rising plate during the Los Angeles Earthquake
The Pilot N/A Pilot and renter of the Western Spirit plane Knocked dead during the Los Angeles Earthquake
Cashier N/A Store Cashier Presumably killed by Yellowstone ash cloud
Mrs. Birnahaum N/A Teacher Presumably killed in earthquake
The Firefighter N/A Firefighter Presumably killed in the Ash Cloud that reached to Las Vegas


  • There are approximately more than 400,000 people who have boarded the arks. Given that the estimated global population in late 2012 is around 7 billion, this means that less than 0.00006% of Earth's populace survived the apocalypse. However, it is unknown just how many survived outside of the arks.
    • According to 2012 on List of Deaths Wikia, Earth's population was around 7 billion, which leads to 7,160,280,055 before the apocalypse happened. Since more than 400,000 people had survived, which means 6,059,943,277 humans were killed during the apocalypse.