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The St. Peter's Basilica Collapse was an event that happened during the 2012 Apocalypse. The famous church was hit by at least a 9.0 magnitude earthquake that made the building tip forward and collapse. This caused the death of thousands of people including the Pope and the Italian Prime Minister, along with his family.


Before the Collapse

In the late hours of the night, a large congregation, which included the Italian Prime Minster, gathered at the basilica and the Pope (assuming Benedict XVI as he was still Pope before his resignation in 2013) lead them in a mass prayer. As Cardinals prayed in the Sistine Chapel, the ceiling started cracking and eventually caved in.

The Earthquake

At 6:10 PM, violent shaking jolted through the area of Rome. The main lights of the dome flickered and shut off, and people started panicking, running away from the collapsing church. The Basilica started tipping forward and the stone facade of the church started to crumble, along with the stone obelisk in the center of the square. After several seconds, the dome of the building hit the ground, skidding for a brief second and then rolling over anyone that was unfortunate enough to not be able to escape the square.


  • Pope
  • The Italian Prime Minister and his family
  • Many Cardinals praying in the Sistine Chapel and two standing by the Pope
  • Thousands of people praying at the time


  • In the beginning of the scene, the Basilica looks as it would in real life, with the Dome set in the back part of the building, but when the earthquake starts, the dome is placed in the front part of the building.
  • Many Christians attacked this scene of the film with claims that the scene is anti-catholic, Roland Emmerich denied this.
  • The way the church collapses is inaccurate and highly unlikely, as the building is more length than width, and the fact the dome in real life is in the back part of the building.
  • The dome of the building is 136 feet in diameter and 488 feet tall and it connected by interlocking chains built in the dome, so the scene where to dome rolls over the square is accurate.
  • It's safe to say anyone one from the front of the church to the middle of the square would've been crushed by the dome.
  • The clocks on the basilica are pointed at the time 6:10