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The South China Sea was a sea located in China, Vietnam and Philippines.


21st Century

During the 2012 Apocalypse, the South China Sea was hit by massive earthquakes and was shifted from its original position to where the Pacific Ocean used to be when the Earth's crust shifted. It was the original landing where the Curtis Family, Gordon Silberman, Sasha, Tamara and the Karpov Family on board the Antonov 500 when it was running out of fuel. Fortunately, since the entire state of China was now where the Pacific Ocean was, the group finally arrived in Cho Ming Valley, where the Arks were located, saving them from landing in water. The South China Sea was swept itself away by a megatsunami at the height of 1500 meters when the Worldwide Flooding occurred.

When the apocalypse ended, the South China Sea continued to be in its current position where the Pacific Ocean used to be.

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