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Slovakia was a country located in Europe and its capital was Bratislava.

During the 2012 apocalypse, Slovakia was hit by massive earthquakes which caused several of its cities to descend into chaos as many fought for a Bottle of Coca-Cola or a Box of Corn Flakes . Millions of people in Slovakia and Europe realised that the world is coming to an end before gathering in public places like churches and homes in desperate prayer, thinking that nothing will save them. Slovakia was then later swept by a megatsunami in the Worldwide Flooding.

Slovenská vlajka(Slovak Flag)

The country declared a food emergency for most of the rural areas as the eruptions across the globe resulted in massive famines.

After the apocalypse ended, Slovakia is left with extreme damage from the disasters of apocalypse yet is rendered habitable. There are currently about 40,0000 citizens living underground to escape the flooding.

The only survivors is the Slovak Prime Minister and 70 citizens.

Destroyed Cities

Bratislava(Destroyed by earthquake)

Prešov(Destroyed by earthquake and Flash Flood)

Nitra(Abandoned from Global Famine)

Banská Bystrica(Also Abandoned from Global Famine)

Košice(Also destroyed from Flash Flood)

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