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Mr. President, your English is more than sufficient for what I have to say
~ Thomas Wilson to Sergey Makarenko during the G8 meeting

The people of Russia along with... China and Japan... agree. Open the gates!
~ Sergey Makarenko after Adrian's plea

Sergey Makarenko (Russian: Сергей Макаренко) is the President of Russia.


G8 Summit[]

In 2010, he was one of the leaders that attended the 2010 G8 Summit in British Columbia. He wished to have his interpreter present when U.S President Thomas Wilson needed to give information concerning the upcoming 2012 Apocalypse to the other heads of state. He was last mentioned and seen on Ark 07, agreeing with Adrian Helmsley's plea to open the gates of the Arks.


  • Sergey Makarenko was portrayed by late Bosnian-born actor Zinaid Memisevic.
  • He shares the same surname with Anton Makarenko, a soviet educator, social worker and writer.