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Scotty is a scientist, geologist and an assistant of Dr. Adrian Helmsley and Professor Frederick West in 2012. Scotty is also a survivor of the 2012 Apocalypse.


Lincoln Plaza Hotel[]

In 2009, Scotty is first seen when his friend Adrian Helmsley, who had arrived to see Carl Anheuser in order to inform him about the world's ending in 2012 caused by a solar flare weeks earlier, he greets him until Adrian asks him if he could borrow his jacket, due to guards not letting him through because of a black tie party. Scotty does and he holds Adrian's stuff as he tells Adrian not to mess with his jacket, due to it being $600. After seeing the commotion of Anheuser, Scotty asks of what is going on, but Adrian tells him to bring his stuff around the back.

After learning about the world's ending, Scotty became alarmed as he was afraid of the upcoming catastrophe. He reluctantly agreed to Anheuser's plan to keep the 2012 disaster a secret from the public worldwide in order to prevent massive civil unrest and stayed on Adrian's side when he helped him with the information about the apocalypse.

2012 Apocalypse[]

On December 21st, 2012, Scotty informs Adrian and Professor Frederick West about the Los Angeles Earthquake that is striking the entire state of California and Harvard has reported a magnitude of 10.9. Scotty helps with the White House Staff members to pack up and board Air Force One in order to get to the Arks (which were secretly built to ensure humanity survives). He also watches the news as the apocalypse continues to claim more lives as massive earthquakes strike South America and the United Kingdom as many are gathering in public places in desperate prayer before he boards Air Force One after being informed by Professor West about the Yellowstone's ash cloud heading for Washington.

Scotty is saddened to hear from Adrian that President Thomas Wilson chose to stay in Washington D.C. to address the nation one last time before they head off to the Arks. Scotty and other assistants recorded every seismic activity around the globe, with the apocalypse continuing to destroy all the continents. When the Earth's crust finally begins to shift, Scotty, in a state of shock, informs Adrian, Anheuser and West that the crust is moving by 1.22 degrees. Professor West concludes that when the movement of the Earth's landmasses comes to a halt, gigantic tsunamis at 1500 meters high, formed by the magnitude of the corresponding quakes, will flood the entire planet. Scotty shows them a simulation of the Worldwide Flooding.

When they arrive in Cho Ming, Scotty, Anheuser, Adrian, Professor West and Laura Wilson board Ark 4 where the American people are on board but are stunned to learn that Ark 3 was damaged due to the roof collapsing from the shifting of the Earth's crust. After learning about Satnam's death and his family, Scotty brings up satellite images from Nampan, India to find another tsunami coming from the east and that it is closer than the one they previously reported. As the Arks prepare to leave, Adrian couldn't leave the remaining people outside to die in the flooding and performed a speech to the other two Arks, with Scotty, Professor West and Laura on his side. When the people were on the Arks, the gate of Ark 4 couldn't close fully due to the hydraulics being jammed by an Impact Driver when the Curtis Family and Nima's family stowed away on the Ark.

A tsunami approached the site and everyone, including Scotty, prepared for the impact of the enormous wave. After withstanding the wave, Scotty sees Air Force One, which is being swept in the tsunami and it hits the mid-ship anchor, causing the flooded Ark to be sent adrift. When Adrian informs Jackson Curtis about the gate's problem, Jackson goes to get the Impact Driver out, with help from his son Noah. Scotty, West and the Ark staff watch on the security cameras in the hydraulic chamber and they hope that Jackson will get the gears unjammed. When the camera's signal is lost due to underwater ridges, Scotty feels that they are going to die, but Jackson managed to get the drill out of the gears before the ship could impact Mount Everest. After narrowly avoiding a full crash into the mountain, Scotty celebrated their survival and is relieved that Jackson made his way out of the flooded chamber and he embraced with West.


When time was reset to year one, Scotty and West learn that the global floodwaters from the tsunamis have started to recede and the entire African continent had risen (which did not suffer extreme damage). The arks set sail for the Cape of Good Hope in Africa so they can begin a new life there.


Scotty is a loyal, caring and intelligent friend to Adrian Helmsley and Professor Frederick West as he showed great respect for them. He was shocked and extremely concerned about the apocalypse that was coming on December 21st, 2012, and he was worried about the humans struggling to survive the world's ending. He disagreed with Carl Anheuser's order of keeping it a secret so they prevent a massive panic, even though he reluctantly agreed, due to his orders.

Scotty is capable of showing reports of seismic activity around the world to Adrian and West when he informed them about the catastrophic disasters occurring globally. He, along with Adrian, Laura Wilson and West revolt against Anheuser when he ordered an Ark staff member to turn off the communication with the other Arks when they want to bring the rest of the survivors on board the arks. After the apocalypse ended, Scotty remained a close friend to Adrian and West when they headed for the Cape of Good Hope.


  • Scotty was portrayed by Ryan McDonald.
  • Scotty, along with Gordon Silberman, is one of the only characters to wear glasses.