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We never got picked up Adrian. The airlift never came. Goodbye, my friend...
~ Satnam's last words

Dr. Satnam Tsurutani was an Indian physicist who discovered the Sun was releasing massive amounts of neutrinos and heating up the Earth's core, causing the events of the 2012 Apocalypse to occur. He was a casualty of the 2012 Apocalypse.

He was killed with his family alongside thousands of others when a gigantic tsunami swept the Nampan Plateau in Eastern India after an assigned airlift never arrived to pick him and his family up to safety.


In the year 2009. Satnam, an Indian astrophysicist, was met Dr. Adrian Helmsley at the Naga Deng Copper Mine, an underground lab where Satnam worked. Adrian was enthusiastic to meet with Satnam, but questioned why he did not come to the press conference before he had to come India, Satnam decided to tell Adrian about what he wanted to show him.

Satnam took Adrian to the lab and brought Adrian to his computer to show previous solar eruptions from the Sun along with data of neutrinos blasted within these bursts and for the first time ever, the neutrinos were causing a physical reaction in the Earth.

2012 Apocalypse[]

At Yellowstone National Park, Satnam mentioned to Adrian that his fellow colleagues from Argentina and Ontario had almost identical results as Yellowstone. He triple checked that results, hoping they were wrong, but they weren't. Satnam said that the Earth's crust is destabilizing and that the apocalypse would happen earlier than expected. Satnam informed that Adrian must call up for the evacuation immediately, and Adrian replies that he would bring an airlift to Delhi, where Satnam and his family could board for evacuation. Satnam thanks Adrian and wishes good luck to him.


Throughout the apocalypse, Satnam was never mentioned when the destruction all happened. However, by the time Adrian boarded to the Arks with Carl Anheuser, Frederick West, Laura Wilson and Scotty, at the same time, Satnam and his family were stranded at the Nampan Plateau, completely devastated and exhausted for a very long journey, the family was quite disappointed for what had happened, but as the siren below afar, Satnam turns around and sees a large mega-tsunami heading from the eastern side of India.

Satnam sent a call to Adrian, warning him of the coming tsunami and mentions the airlift from Delhi never came. He muttered his last words and embraced his family as the tsunami neared.


  • Satnam Tsurutani was portrayed by British actor, Jimi Mistry.
  • While at the Nampan Plateau, he is somehow able to call Helmsley, though it's previously mentioned by the Government that they had lost all contact with communication on Earth. It's also unlikely cellphones would be the communication device working, presuming cellphone towers would likely be the ones damaged or destroyed.