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Satnam Tsurutani
0092012 Jimi Mistry 005.jpg
Gender Male
Age 32-35
Race Indian
Species Human
Home India
Portrayed by Jimi Mistry
Status Deceased
First appearance 2012 (film)

Dr. Satnam P. Tsurutani is a character in 2012. He was an Indian physicist who discovered the sun was releasing massive amounts of neutrinos which were heating up the Earth's core, causing the events of the disaster. He worked with a few colleagues in the Naga Deng Copper Mine in India. He was killed with his family along with other thousand people by a gigantic tsunami in Eastern India on the Nampan Plateau after an assigned robotic shuttle never arrived to pick him and his family up to safety. Satnam was a casualty of the 2012 apocalypse.


Satnam was stranded in India after not being collected for the boarding of the ships. He and his family were hit head-on by an incoming tsunami. He, his wife and his son all died that day.


  • He is somehow able to call Helmsley, though it's previously mentioned by the Government that they had lost all contact with communication on Earth. It's also unlikely cellphones would be the communication device working, presuming cellphone towers would likely be the ones damaged or destroyed.