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Took you awhile Mr. Curtis
~ Sasha to Jackson Curtis

Sasha Hoho (Russian: Саша Хохо) was the private pilot of Yuri Karpov and Tamara Jikan's secret lover. Sasha was a casualty of the 2012 Apocalypse. Staying on the Antonov to help the rest escape, Sasha was killed when he crash landed the plane.


2012 Apocalypse[]

Sasha is first seen waiting at the Santa Monica Airport for Jackson Curtis to drop off Alec and Oleg, telling them to get on after one of them mouthed off to Jackson.

In the late afternoon hours, Sasha, Yuri, the twins and Tamara survived a large earthquake that devastated Las Vegas, but their private plane was caught in a crack caused by the earthquake. To make matters worse, a hazardous ash cloud erupted from the Yellowstone Caldera was heading towards Las Vegas, forcing everyone to head inside for cover. Sasha secretly headed outside to find another plane, where he found an Antonov 500. He tells Yuri the news, and that he needed a co-pilot in the Antonov. Lilly volunteered Gordon for the job, Sasha agreed, and the two families headed and boarded the Antonov.

After Sasha and Gordon attempted to take off, the plane plummeted due to a pump failure in the flaps, Sasha leaving his seat to fix the problem. He dealt with them before helping Gordon pull the plane up, narrowly dodging a collapsing Bellagio and scraping Paris, Las Vegas's Eiffel Tower replica antenna off.

Many hours later, Sasha and Gordon prepared to land in Honolulu, Hawaii, but discovered that the entire state of Hawaii was engulfed in lava. With no other choice, Sasha informed Jackson, Yuri, and Gordon that they were going to make a water landing in the South China Sea.

Later that night, the engines were starting to fail, and Sasha told Jackson and Yuri to prepare their families for the water landing. However, the Earth's crust had shifted more than a thousand miles and that they were not far away from Cho Ming. After losing their last two engines, Sasha gave Jackson and Yuri an idea to save their families, driving a car out of the plane. After everyone got into the car, Sasha made sure that the plane was low enough for them to escape and ordered Gordon to pull the lever that opened the cargo door.


Knowing he had to keep the plane in the air, Sasha told Gordon to go with the two families before the plane touched down. Gordon made it to the car and the families escaped. The plane kept skidding down the glacier, eventually skidding to a stop at the edge of a cliff. Unfortunately, the weight from the plane made the ice crack and give way, making the plane slide down the mountain and explode, killing Sasha


  • Sasha Hoho was portrayed by Johann Urb.