Russia was a large country in Europe and Asia. It was the only country that was located on two continents. Its capital was Moscow. Like the rest of the world, Russia was destroyed during the 2012 apocalypse, when it was hit by earthquakes and swept by a megatsunami during the Worldwide Flooding.

Yuri Karpov was born in Murmansk, Russia. Before he became a billionaire, he was a boxer whose coach ironically happened to be named Yuri.

After the apocalypse ended, Russia was left with extreme damage from the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis, rendering it uninhabitable.


  • Moscow (Destroyed by earthquake)
  • St. Petersburg (Destroyed by earthquake)
  • Stalingrad/Volgograd (Destroyed by earthquake)
  • Murmansk (Destroyed by earthquake)
  • Vladivostok

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