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Romania was a country located in the South Eastern parts of the Balkans.

During the 2012 apocalypse, Romania was hit by massive earthquakes, destroying various cities and killing several humans living in the country. Romania was then later swept by a megatsunami in the Worldwide Flooding.

Things became worse when the earthquakes caused mountains in the Carpathian Mountains to become unstable and erupt. Covering Romania's rural areas and resulting in crop faliure.Iasi was later abandoned as people fled their homes to escape crop faliures.

Romania, as a result of the apocalypse, is left with extreme damage and is rendered uninhabitable.

The only survivor was the Romanian Prime Minister and 15,000 citizens

Former cities

  • Bucharest (Destroyed by earthquake)
  • Cluj-Napoca (Destroyed by earthquake)
  • Timisoara (Destroyed by earthquake)
  • Iasi (Destroyed by earthquake and volcano)

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