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Roland Picard was the director of the Louvre Museum. He was also a friend and work colleague of Laura Wilson.



With the Ark project underway, many of humanity's greatest treasures were being taken from museums around the world and stored in them.

Roland led a security team into the Louvre to swap the real Mona Lisa with a fake one, under the notion it was being taken to a bunker is Switzerland to protect it from terrorist attacks or fanatics.


Roland discovered that the artwork that was taken wasn't in the Swiss Alps and scheduled a press conference for the next day. Calling Laura, he explained what he found while being tailed by another vehicle before it went away. An explosive planted in his car was then detonated, killing him.


  • He is named after director, Roland Emmerich.
  • He was portrayed by Belgian-born actor Patrick Bauchau.
    • The role was originally offered to the late English actor Alan Rickman, before Bauchau was cast.