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I'd like to see their dumb faces when Malibu and Beverly Hills sink into the gurgling maw of the Pacific!
~ Charlie Frost on his radio show right before the Los Angeles Earthquake

The Pacific Ocean is one of Earth's seas and the overall largest sea on the planet.


Los Angeles Earthquake[]

During the 2012 Apocalypse, the Pacific Plate destabilized which caused parts of the state of California to sink beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Earth Crust Displacement[]

When the Earth's crust shifted, the Pacific Ocean was moved from its original position to between where North America and South America originally were. Tsunamis formed in the ocean after the shifting ended.

Near the Japanese seaboard, the Genesis was hit by one of these tsunamis.


After the apocalypse ended, the new position of the Pacific Ocean continued to remain in its current position when the Arks set sail for the risen continent of Africa.