Nevado De Toluca

1920px-Nevado de Toluca Peak, December 2005.jpg

Nevado De Toluca was an stratovolcano located in the State of Mexico in Mexico. It had a height of 4680 meters and was near of The City of Toluca, Is 4th Highest mountain of Mexico following the Iztaccihuatl, The Popocatepetl, and The Citlatepetl/Pico de Orizaba.


During The 2012 apocalypse, the Nevado de Toluca enters in an huge eruption destroying the City of Toluca and wiped out most of its population, due to the Earth's crust becoming unstable and lava forcing its way to the surface due to the Earth's core's temperature being so high. During the 2012 Tsunamis, a tsunami of 1500 meters swept away The Nevado De Toluca becoming Dormant again.

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