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The Nampan Plateau was a fictional region located in Eastern India.


Thousands of Indians, including Satnam along with his family, were struggling to walk to the Arks which were located in Cho Ming. Suddenly, the siren began alarming everyone that a mega-tsunami, which its height was as tall as the sky, was reaching them making everyone struggle to run to avoid the mega-tsunami.

Satnam called Adrian Helmsley who is already in the Arks. He informed him that a gigantic tidal wave was coming from the Nampan Plateau in eastern India. While he talks to Adrian, everyone runs away from the mega-tsunami in panic but Satnam and his family stayed because he, along with his family, didn't get picked up as the airlift never came. Satnam's last word to Adrian was "Goodbye, My Friend". Soon, everyone on the Nampan Plateau were killed.