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Monterrey was a city located in the northern Mexico. It is the third most populous city of the country, following Guadalajara and Mexico City.


During the 2012 apocalypse, massive earthquakes hit Monterrey which caused several of its buildings to collapse and its population to descend into chaos.

When Yellowstone Caldera Eruption (2012) erupted, the entire city was devoured by the Yellowstone ash cloud killing millions of people. When the Worldwide Flooding occurred, the remains of Monterrey was swept away by a gigantic tsunami with the height of 1500 meters.

When the apocalypse ended, Monterrey is left with extreme damage from the apocalyptic disasters and is rendered uninhabitable.


  • Though Monterrey was never seen or mentioned, it is likely that the city was destroyed along with the rest of the world during the 2012 apocalypse.