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Woah man... would you look at that? Sick...
~ Surfer looking at a surface crack down the road

Manhattan Beach was a beach located in Los Angeles, California. It was Jackson Curtis' former residence after he and his wife, Kate got separated. It was also the former residence of Merrill and his wife.


21st Century[]

In late 2012, when Jackson prepared to take Noah and Lilly camping, a small earthquake occurred in the early morning hours. Moments after Jackson left his apartment and drove away from the city in his limo, several citizens went to go surfing and witness the large crack in the road leading from the top of the hill road and down all the way to the bottom. Everyone was astonished to see this, with some children playing by hopping over the crack. Merrill's wife told him that she was right about what she said to him and that they had to move back to Wisconsin, but Merril didn't take it seriously.

During the 2012 Apocalypse, Manhattan Beach was hit by the Los Angeles Earthquake when it shook the entire San Andreas Fault, then later sank into the Pacific Ocean. As a result of the apocalypse, Manhattan Beach and the entire state of California was left with extreme damage, swept underwater, and is rendered uninhabitable.