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The Los Angeles Freeway was a freeway located in downtown Los Angeles, California.


21st Century[]

During the Los Angeles Earthquake, Gordon told Jackson to take the freeway to get to Santa Monica Airport as it will be much quicker, but as soon as Jackson turns the corner, the freeway starts collapsing. Noah watched as a cement truck was flung off the freeway into a Chevron gas station which then explodes. As soon as Jackson's limo goes under the freeway it collapses and gets destroyed.

Later when they escape the destruction in the Western Spirit, Gordon had to dodge falling sections of freeway.


  • This freeway could’ve been the Hollywood Freeway as it was a very busy road and in the film.
  • There were hundreds of cars, trucks and vans crowded together. Anybody who was on the freeway at the time would’ve been killed as it would’ve almost been impossible to escape through the crowed of cars.