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Los Angeles was the most populated city in the U.S. State of California and the second most populated city in the United States. It was the former home of the Curtis family and Gordon Silberman.


21st Century[]

Days earlier in late 2012, an small earthquake occurred during the morning in Manhattan Beach, leaving a large crack in the road leading from the top of the hill road and down all the way to the bottom.

Nights later, another crack, which was larger than the previous one reached into a supermarket. This caused the earthquake to make the floor split and collapse inside the supermarket. On the next day, the earthquake created a crack in the supermarket that was shown on TV by 12 KNBS News. When the news informed about the incident, there weren't any casualties or injuries, very luckily.

On the morning hours of December 21, 2012, a violent 10.9 Earthquake struck the city of Los Angeles. The city turned into a massive canyon that later sank into the Pacific Ocean, making it the first city to be an earthquake target of the 2012 Apocalypse. Antonio Villaraigosa was Mayor of Los Angeles during 2012 and most likely did not survive the apocalypse.

After the result from the earthquake, Los Angeles and the entire state of California was left with extreme damage, swept underwater, and is rendered uninhabitable.

Former Landmarks[]


  • Despite it being assumed that Antonio Villaraigosa was indeed Mayor of Los Angeles during the 2012 Apocalypse, there was actually contradiction to it.
    • As early in the morning, while Jackson is already conducting his limousine through Los Angeles to bring Noah and Lilly back home from camping, a news reporter can be heard speaking out the following on radio: “Caltech believes that the half-mile fissure running through Westwood has released most of the surface tension. Life will soon return to normal “Mayor Gonzales” said at an early news conference”
    • Although, his first name is not mentioned, as indication made by his last name being revealed as “Gonzales”, it obviously confirmes that he is certainly not Antonio Villaraigosa.