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My hats!
~ Lilly turning around to face the collapsing Curtis Household

Lilly Curtis is one of the main tritagonists of 2012. She is the seven year old daughter of Jackson Curtis and Kate Curtis, and is the sister of Noah Curtis. Lilly is a survivor of the 2012 Apocalypse.



In late 2012, Lilly is first seen when she comes out of her house along with Noah to see Jackson who was taking her and Noah camping. While Lilly was delighted to see him, Noah was cold towards Jackson, after he abandoned him and Lilly, usually calling him “Jackson” instead of “Dad” which annoyed Jackson and told him to call him “Dad”, but Noah ignored him. Lilly then reminds Kate to tell Jackson that she had to wear good nites pull-ups in bed every night to prevent her from wetting her bed. After saying goodbye to Kate, Jackson and his kids set for Yellowstone.

Camping in Yellowstone National Park[]

A few days later, Lilly was singing a song with her father in the limo when the signal was lost as they heard a radio host talking that the government has been monitoring the areas, just as helicopters flew above them which made Lilly and Jackson confused and surprised, but he makes her laugh after telling her a joke.

While they were hiking through Yellowstone, Jackson told Lilly and Noah that he was taking them to a place where he and Kate used to hang out a lot, before they were married. Noah then coldly tells Jackson that he doesn’t want to hear where he and Kate had sex and calls him “Jackson” which makes Jackson even more annoyed. Lilly then spots a fence, which had a "no trespassing" sign posted on the fence. Jackson said the sign wasn't there before, he then picks up Lilly's hat and tosses it over the fence. Jackson and Lilly ignore the sign as they continue by climbing over it, despite Noah telling them about the sign.

After they climbed over the fence, they come across an area that was once a lake that Jackson and Kate would visit before they were married. They went to investigate the lake as it was dry. Lilly felt disgusted when she sees a dead deer lying on the dried lake. Suddenly, they then hear helicopters and Humvees coming over the hill. Lilly asked Jackson who they are, Jackson told her it's the U.S. Army. When the U.S. military arrived near the lake, one of them informed Jackson, Lily and Noah that they are in a restricted area. As a result, the military brings them to a government research facility, where there were personnel stations monitoring the seismic and geological activity going around Yellowstone.

They met Dr. Adrian Helmsley, who informed them that the area around was once the lake is now unstable and they should stay away from any restricted areas.

On their way back to the campground, the family runs into a suspicious Yellowstone hermit named Charlie Frost, who is truly a conspiracy theorist and scientist running a radio show from his trailer. Later that night, Lilly and Noah are settling in the tent where mosquitoes were flying around them, Jackson tells them that he is going to get bug spray the next day. Lilly then tells Jackson that he said he wouldn’t work on his book, Jackson truthfully said that he is not and helps Lilly get ready for bed.

On the next day, Jackson, Lilly, and Noah went to a small store to get medication for mosquito bites. While the cashier finds the cure, Lilly noticed and said her school teacher was on TV, as she watched. As Jackson heard Lilly, he headed over to the TV and increased the volume. Jackson watched the news that a supermarket in Los Angeles had been hit by an earthquake which created a crack in the store that was shown by 12 KNBS News. Which the news informed luckily there weren't any casualties. Noah gets a call from Kate (who she and Gordon had survived the earthquake in the store) that she wants them to come home.

2012 Apocalypse[]

On the early morning hours, Jackson returns home with Lilly and Noah and drops them off at Kate’s house before going to work. Later, while Lilly was having breakfast with Kate, Noah, and Gordon, she hears Kate talking to Jackson who is frantically telling them to pack everyone up as the apocalypse is beginning at any moment. Lilly was confused about what Jackson was saying and asked Kate why her father was acting crazy to which her mother told her to finish her pancakes.

Just as this happens, a 10.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Los Angeles, scaring Lilly. As Kate, Lilly, Noah, and Gordon were taking cover under the table, Jackson arrives at the household. He ordered Kate, Gordon, and his children to move. However, Kate said that she thinks it's safe to hide below the table. Jackson said that he brought his limo so Kate, Lilly, Noah and Gordon can escape the house with him. Jackson then carries Lilly to the limo, but Lilly finds out that she left all of her hats in the house as it crumbles into the ground. Kate then grabs Lilly into the limo, but she never reminded Lilly to close the door, leaving Jackson's rear right door being swiped off by a mailbox. When Jackson reversed his limo, it hit Gordon's Porsche and it fell into the Earth's crust. Jackson then drives off through the crumbling city of Los Angeles, they later arrive at the Santa Monica Airport on a plane piloted by Gordon just as they escape the crumbling city of Los Angeles. Lilly watched in horror as the apocalypse begins but Noah comforts her, they then all watch as California slides into the Pacific Ocean.

Jackson and his family return to Yellowstone to get a map to the Arks from Charlie. As Jackson went off to find Charlie, Lilly wanted to come with him, but Kate didn't want her to. But Jackson said he'll take Lilly and they will be right back, Kate replied to Jackson to hurry. Jackson and Lilly take off in Charlie's trailer and find Charlie at the top of a mountain. He tells Jackson where the map is in his trailer and is killed by the Yellowstone Caldera’s volcanic explosion. Jackson and Lilly return to the runway where the rest of the family are waiting. He searches for the map and is nearly killed by the crumbling of the earth at the location of the trailer. This supposed death devastated Lilly and Noah. Gordon is ready to fly the plane out of Yellowstone, but Noah demands, "He's my dad!! We're gonna wait!!", but Gordon started the plane anyway. As Kate was pulling the ladder up, she suddenly sees a hand coming out of the fissure. Jackson miraculously climbed out. Kate quickly tells Gordon to slow down the plane, as Jackson stands up and runs toward the plane away from the ash cloud. He then eventually escapes with his family on the plane.

While looking at the map, Jackson discovers the ships are in China and concludes that they need a larger plane to get there. Later in the late afternoon, they end up in a destroyed Las Vegas, where they run into the Russian twins Alec & Oleg, their father Yuri, his girlfriend Tamara, and their dog Caesar.

Yuri was a Russian billionaire and owned a huge plane of his own, holding all of the sports cars he was to show off in Vegas. Their pilot, Sasha agrees to fly them to China, but he needs another pilot. Lily overheard Sasha and Yuri, and said Gordon is a pilot. After that Jackson pushes Gordon into co-piloting the plane with Sasha. Jackson, Yuri, and their families nearly escape a toxic cloud of ash headed for Las Vegas, but lose a part of their landing gear.

During the flight, she forms a friendship with Tamara, who also does the same with Kate. During their conversation, Gordon calls Yuri and Jackson to the cockpit to view an obliterated Hawaii, to which Tamara and Kate prevent Lilly from joining by subtly bonding their arms to block her path. What they do not realize is that the Earth’s plates have shifted thousands of miles, and Asia is now where the Pacific Ocean was. They crash land, and everyone gets out by driving one of Yuri's cars out of the plane, but the crash kills Sasha, which devastates Tamara, who was her secret lover.

Chinese government helicopters carrying animals spots the group in the snow, but they only rescue Yuri, his sons, and their dog, because they have tickets to get on the ships, abandoning Jackson, his family, Gordon, and Tamara (because he knew she was cheating on him).

Their only choice is to walk and try to find help, eventually finding a group of Chinese people including a young monk named Nima and his grandparents, trying to get on the ships with the help of his brother, Tenzin, who works on them. The brothers' grandmother forces Tenzin to help Jackson and his companions to get on the ship as well. Tenzin agrees.

While they are trying to sneak through the bowels of the American ship, one of Tenzin's tools gets caught in the gears of the gate to the ship, leaving it slightly open, not allowing the ship to move. Also, the police kids have hacked the Ark's computer. Tenzin's leg is severely injured and Gordon is killed in the gears in front of Jackson. A gigantic tsunami approaches the site, which floods the Ark as the gate was left open. The water begins filling up in the Zoological Bay and Jackson along with Tenzin arrive in the bay. Kate asks Jackson where Gordon is, Jackson silently shook his head to say no. While talking, an emergency flood barrier traps them in the bay.

Tamara then saved Lilly and Caesar from drowning as another flood barrier closes, sacrificing herself, which saddens Lilly and Caesar.

Lilly is then joined by Adrian, Laura Wilson, and a crewman who have come to inform Jackson and the others about the tool jamming the gears and that if they don't get it out they won't survive. While Jackson was getting the tool out of the gears, Lilly is then taken care of by Laura who is hoping that Jackson will get the tool out. Jackson and Noah managed to get it out before the ship can impact Mount Everest. Jackson was nearly killed by drowning but manages to get out, which pleases Lilly as she was glad to know that Jackson survived.


Jackson, Kate, Lilly and Noah survived the apocalypse, along with Yuri's twin sons, who decide to share Caesar with them. They and the rest of the survivors set sail to the now-transformed continent of Africa which has risen above sea level to begin a new life there. Later, Lilly spots an island and calls Jackson and Kate's attention. The island is revealed to contain the shipwreck of Genesis and her survivors.


Lilly Curtis is a very warming and kind-hearted 7-year-old girl who holds respect for her family and friends, including her father Jackson despite that he and Kate are separated. Lilly also loved her mother and older brother Noah very deeply as she fully respects them part of the family. She is very good at making new friends like Tamara and Laura Wilson, including the Russian twins, Alec and Oleg Karpov.  

Lilly was unaware that the apocalypse was coming on December 21st 2012. When the apocalypse occurred, Lilly was very scared and she feared as Noah did, she might lose her parents. She was devastated when she thought Jackson was killed while he was trying to find the map of the Ark's location in Charlie Frost's camper and she refused to leave without him. Jackson managed to survive as Lilly was so relieved that he managed to escape the Yellowstone ash cloud. She is very helpful as she managed to help Jackson find Charlie Frost in order to find the Arks' location. When the Ark was flooded, Lilly managed to escape death from drowning but was devastated when Tamara sacrificed herself to save Lilly. Lilly was so relieved that Jackson managed to get the impact driver out of the gate's gears and managed to escape death from drowning.  

After the apocalypse ended, Lilly still remained close to Jackson as he and Kate get back together as he tells her that their old home was destroyed and that they have to find a new home somewhere else.


  • Lilly Curtis was portrayed by Morgan Lily whose performance was well received. 
  • Lilly has a liking towards hats, as she wears one throughout the film. She even has a collection of them prior the apocalypse.
    • This trait is shared with Tamara Jakin, who reveals of her passion for hats to Kate Curtis during the flight to the arks in China