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Daddy, a man was killed! What is happening?
~ Laura after storming into President Thomas Wilson's office

Dr. Laura Wilson is the secondary deuteragonist of 2012. She is an art expert and the First Daughter of the United States Presidential Family. She is the daughter of the late President Thomas Wilson and the late Dorothy Wilson. Laura is a survivor of the 2012 Apocalypse.



Laura is first seen in the Louvre, helping the transport of the Mona Lisa and watched as a replica was placed in the position where the original sat.


Laura receives a phone call in her home from Roland Picard, who informs her that the government had lied to them, after learning that the artwork she collected is not in the Alps and that he has arranged a press conference for the next day where he will inform the public. However, a bomb was placed under his car, which exploded, killing him. Laura confronts her father about the news. Her father later comes clean about what was really happening around the world, and that the 2012 Apocalypse was indeed happening.

2012 Apocalypse[]

Upon learning about the Yellowstone Caldera erupting, Laura and the remaining staff at the White House prepare to leave for the Arks. President Wilson chooses to stay in Washington D.C where he will address the nation one last time, calling Laura who's on board Air Force One and explains why he is staying.

Laura is visited by Adrian who tried to console her about her father and man's legacy. A while later, Washington D.C. was hit by a 9.4 earthquake, with everyone turning to Laura who gives a saddened expression

After arriving in Cho Ming Valley, Laura sees that Adrian has books in his bag, which he tells that he likes reading books. After boarding and Satnam Tsurutani's warning comes through to Adrian, Laura heads up to the bridge where she discovers that they are preparing to leave. When the Ark is docked and prepared to withstand the strength of the wave, Laura, Adrian, Scotty and Professor Frederick West are shocked to see people falling to their deaths, and states President Wilson would open the gates.

When the gates are opened and all the survivors are on board, Ark 4's gate is jammed due to the hydraulics being jammed by an Impact Driver. Adrian and Laura learn about the Curtis Family along with Ark worker Tenzin and his family stowing away on the Ark. Laura sees that Tenzin is injured, and her, Adrian and an Ark officer head down to the Zoological Bay. After reaching it, Adrian and Laura find Lilly Curtis. Laura protects Lilly while Adrian informs Jackson about the problem in the gate's gears. Jackson manages to get the Impact Driver out of the gears before the Ark could impact Mount Everest and makes it out before he could drown, much to Laura, Lilly and Adrian's relief.


When the apocalypse ended and when time was reset to year one, Laura finishes the last chapter of Jackson's book, Farewell Atlantis and she begins a relationship with Adrian. Upon learning about the floodwaters from the tsunamis residing and the African continent being risen (which did not suffer extreme damage), Laura is relieved that they are setting sail for the Cape of Good Hope. In an alternative ending, Laura and Adrian visit Jackson and his family as they watch the horizon, to which she expresses liking Jackson's work, eventually striking a friendship with them.


  • Laura Wilson was portrayed by British actress Thandie Newton, who adopted an American accent for the role.