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Dr. Laura Wilson is the secondary deuteragonist of 2012. She is an art expert and the First Daughter of the United States Presidental Family. She is the daughter of the late President Thomas Wilson and the late Dorothy Wilson. Laura is a survivor of the 2012 Apocalypse.


Early Years

Dr. Laura Wilson was born to U.S President Thomas F. Wilson and her mother Dorothy Wilson, who later died when she grew up. She became an art expert when she grew into her adult years.

After learning about the world's ending in 2009, Laura was stunned and wanted to help to save humanity from extinction, but was reluctantly told to keep the end of the world a secret by the orders of Carl Anheuser in order to prevent a massive panic.

Preparing for the End

In 2011, Laura began moving the valuable treasures from around the world to the Arks, under the disguise of protecting them from terrorist attacks, so that human history could survive when the end comes.

At the Louvre in France, Laura helped to transport one of the famous French art paintings to the Arks, while a replica was placed in the position where the original sat and informed the Director of the Louvre, Roland Picard that it is safe, but a fake, which he agrees.

In 2012, Laura receives a phone call in her penthouse from Roland who informs her that the government had lied to them, after learning that the artwork she collected is not in the alps and that he has arranged a press conference for the next day where he will inform the public about the end of the world. However, a bomb was placed under his car, which exploded, killing Roland Picard in the same Paris Tunnel where Princess Diana died in 1997. Laura informs her father about the news and was devastated to learn about Roland's death, but was soon comforted by her father, as well as introducing her to geologist and chief science advisor Dr. Adrian Helmsley.

2012 Apocalypse

On the day the apocalypse occurs, Laura learns that massive earthquakes are wreaking havoc around the world and erupting volcanoes are engulfing several areas around each continent, due to the unstable Earth's crust, and was devastated. Upon learning about the remaining surviving humans gathering in public places in desperate prayer and the Yellowstone Caldera erupting earlier on midday, Laura and the remaining staff prepare to leave for the Arks, on board Air Force One, so they can survive the apocalypse and escape the upcoming ash cloud. President Wilson chooses to stay in Washington D.C where he will address the nation one last time and before he does that, he shares one last conversation with his daughter, who she tearfully complies.

On their journey to the Arks, Laura is visited by Adrian who she begins to have a chat with him and he introduces one of his books, Farewell Atlantis by Jackson Curtis. He tells her that this book is decent and that he is reading it. Laura takes an interest in the book and becomes informed that Washington D.C. was hit by a 9.4 earthquake, the Italian Prime Minister remaining in Italy for a mass prayer with his family, and gigantic tsunamis will flood the entire planet with 1500 meters of water.

After arriving in Cho Ming Valley, which is now where the Pacific Ocean was due to the Earth's crust shifting more than a thousand miles, Laura sees that Adrian has books in his bag, which he tells that he likes reading books. As they board a bus to get to Ark 4, where the American people are on board, and Ark 3 is damaged due to the roof collapsing during the shifting of the Earth's crust. After entering her dorm room, Laura heads up to the bridge where she discovers that they are preparing to leave due to another tsunami heading their way within an hour. When the Ark is docked and prepared to withstand the strength of the wave, Laura, Adrian, Scotty and Professor Frederick West are shocked to see the remaining survivors trying to get onto the Arks. Consumed with compassion, the four convince the remained Arks to let the survivors on as a means to not let the rest of human civilization die in vain by starting a new future with a cruel act., despite Anheuser trying to persuade them not to as he wanted to leave immediately.

When the gates are opened and all the survivors are on board, Ark 4's gate is jammed due to the hydraulic's being jammed by an Impact Driver. Adrian and Laura learn about the Curtis Family along with Ark worker Tenzin and his family stowing away on the Ark. Laura sees that Tenzin is injured and that something must have gone wrong, which Anheuser sarcastically complied. Laura, Adrian and an Ark employer prepare to head to the hydraulic chamber to inform Jackson's group about the problem, but a gigantic tsunami approached the site, flooding the Ark and sending if adrift when Air Force One hits the midship anchor. After reaching the zoological bay, Adrian and Laura find Lilly Curtis, who was saved by Tamara Jikan when she sacrificed herself to save Lilly from drowning. Laura protects Lilly while Adrian informs Jackson about the problem in the gate's gears. Jackson manages to get the Impact Driver out of the gears before the Ark could impact Mount Everest and makes it out before he could drown, much to Laura, Lilly and Adrian's relief.


When the apocalypse ended and when time was reset to year one, Laura finishes the last chapter of Jackson's book, Farewell Atlantis and she begins a relationship with Adrian. Upon learning about the floodwaters from the tsunamis residing and the African continent being risen (which did not suffer extreme damage), Laura is relieved that they are setting sail for the Cape of Good Hope. In an alternative ending, Laura and Adrian come to see Jackson and his family as they watch the horizon.


Laura Wilson is a caring and sympathetic woman who respects her father's opinion of saving humanity from extinction when the apocalypse was about to occur. She was against Carl Anheuser's orders of keeping the end of the world a secret from the world at large, because massive civil unrest will occur endlessly and was willing to save humanity from the catastrophic apocalypse. She was also slightly disgusted by the fact that mainly millionaires and billionaires were chosen by geneticists, stating that the main cause that guaranteed their access to the Arks was because their "checkbooks got them on board". Laura was also very compassionate when she agreed to let the surviving humans on board the Arks, knowing that if her late father was there, he would do the same thing.

She was very kind towards other people around her, even Adrian who she returned his affection given to her and started a relationship with him. She was very protective when she kept Lilly safe during the flooding of Ark 4 and promised to get her family out of the flooded zoological bay.


  • Laura Wilson was played by Thandie Newton.
  • Thandie Newton is one of the few British actors/actresses to star in the film.