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Las Vegas, often known simply as Vegas, was the 25th-most populous city in the United States, the most populous city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County. The city anchored the Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area and was the largest city within the greater Mojave Desert. Las Vegas was an internationally renowned major resort city, known primarily for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife.


21st Century[]

Las Vegas was first seen during a boxing match at Caesars Palace and in an unknown hotel when Yuri, Tamara, and Caesar prepared to go to the airport to board the Arks.

2012 Apocalypse[]

A few days later Las Vegas was devastated when an earthquake hit it at the same time when Los Angeles was struck by a huge 10.9 magnitude earthquake. When they landed the plane, hundreds of survivors fled for the terminals while Yuri warned airport staff to be careful with his plane's landing gear.

An announcement informed everyone that the National Guard has warned them that the Yellowstone ash cloud will reach Las Vegas. In response, civilians rapidly panic to run inside the terminal for shelter. Yuri and his group are forced by the fire department to move inside.

Engulfment and Destruction[]

Inside the airport, hundreds of people and staff members are watching the last speech from U.S President, Thomas Wilson. Jackson discovered Yuri and desired to join him on his plane for surviving along with his family and Kate. Sasha found the Antonov 500 which is larger than Yuri's private plane. Lily advocates Gordon for co-pilot to Sasha and Yuri. Jackson said that he was a great pilot, forcing Gordon to be the co-pilot. 

Outside the airport, they find what Sasha said, the Antonov 500. They rapidly run inside the Antonov as the ash cloud nearly reaches the airport and many people run inside. Ignoring the airport tower signal to abort, Gordon and Sasha went to take off. Meanwhile, Antonov's landing gear broke up and the plane fell into the chasm, narrowly crashing as Wynn collapsed near them. Then, they face Bellagio as it collapses. They nearly hit the building, but then they crashed atop of replica of the Eiffel Tower. After that, we can see the crack still continued to collapse damaged Las Vegas.


  • During the opening scene showing the ruins of Vegas, many errors can be seen in the layout of the city
    • Caesars Palace is located a block north of Bellagio, instead it has been moved just south of Paris, Las Vegas
    • Wynn is located farther up Las Vegas Avenue, near the Stratosphere Tower. Instead it has been moved to the west of Bellagio.
    • New York-New York Hotel & Casino and the Luxor Hotel & Casino are located farther down the Strip. Their positions have been swapped and moved north of Paris, Las Vegas
    • The Mirage Hotel is located a block north of Caesar's Palace, instead it has been moved two blocks south of Paris, Las Vegas.
    • Harry Reid International Airport is to the east of the Strip. Instead its to the west of the strip.