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The Landing at the Cape of Good Hope was an event that occurred in AD 1, after the 2012 Apocalypse destroyed the Earth and almost wiping out the human race to extinction. When the apocalyptic event ended, the planet's continents had become uninhabitable, due to suffering extreme damage from the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and gigantic tsunamis of the Earth Crust Displacement. To make matters worse, 6 billion humans had died during the apocalypse, leaving more than 400,000 survivors, thanks to surviving on board the Arks, making humanity critically endangered.

27 days later, time was reset to year one, starting over once again, the Arks began to sail to search for any land to find, so their passengers and crew can build new homes. Fortunately, Professor Frederick West discovered that the global floodwaters were starting to recede, with most of the continents had risen. However, Africa was the only continent that had completely risen (and not suffering extreme damage), it allowed the 2012 survivors to begin a new life and rebuild humanity, saving the Arks from the danger of overpopulation.

The Arks then set sail for the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.


  • This is the only event that occurred after the 2012 apocalypse occurred, in the year of 0001.