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Kate is the ex-wife of Jackson, the girlfriend of Gordon, and Lilly and Noah's mother. She doesn't see much in Jackson and divorced him. Later, on the 21st of December 2012, there is an earthquake in Los Angeles. Kate doesn't believe Jackson that there will be an earthquake. But, when their house shakes and their neighborhood starts going down, she starts to believe him. After finding out that their pilot is dead, Kate encourages Gordon to fly them out of Los Angeles. Gordon accepts. Kate doesn't believe Jackson that there is a map for space ships and Kate and Jackson are interrupted by Gordon, saying that the remains of Los Angeles are sinking to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Kate later befriends Tamara on the trip. She takes her family and Tamara to the boat and cries about Gordon's death. When the boat is crashing, she asks Tamara to take Lilly to the exit. Lilly makes it, but Tamara drowns. Kate doesn't want Noah to go down with Jackson to save the crew, but Noah goes without his mother knowing, but Kate later finds out when her son is missing. After the save, Jackson and Kate remarry. Kate still misses Gordon though.