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Get in the fucking car right now! Move your ass! Move!
~ Jackson Curtis to his family as the Los Angeles Earthquake begins

Jackson's Limousine was a 2003 Lincoln Town Car stretch limo that Jackson Curtis and Yuri Karpov owned, the former spending his former life as a chauffeur.


Jackson used the limo after leaving his apartment instead of his SUV since the engine starter was broken. So, Jackson drives his children: Noah and Lilly to Yellowstone and back. He later uses it to pick up Alec and Oleg Karpov from the luxury French hotel being ordered from Yuri Karpov, to the Santa Monica Airport to board a small private plane piloted by Sasha.

Just after dropping the twins off, Jackson goes inside his limo as he picks up Charlie Frost's radio signals, saying in his podcast that California is going to sink onto the Pacific Ocean. Jackson realized that the apocalypse was beginning after a small earthquake shook again and he saw a small crack appear below his limo. He headed into a plane warehouse and rented a plane by giving his watch to a pilot who owned a Western Spirit, and he left the airport quickly after he witnessed Sasha's plane took off. Jackson goes to his wife's house to rescue his family and Gordon Silberman while narrowly driving through as a massive earthquake crumbles the city of Los Angeles before making it to the airport. The car was left in bad condition and abandoned after the Curtis family boarded the Cessna plane and presumably fell into the large ditch in the airport's runaway created by the San Andreas Fault.