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The Indian Ocean is an ocean located on Earth.


21st Century[]

During the 2012 Apocalypse, massive earthquakes hit between Asia and Africa, which caused major damage and volcanoes erupted in several areas across the lands, including underwater volcanoes, destroying parts of the Indian Ocean. When the Earth's crust shifted more than a thousand miles, the Indian Ocean was moved from its original position to where the Fiji and Philippines islands originally sat in the South Pacific. The Earth's poles reversed their magnetic fields with the South Pole in Wisconsin and the North Pole located in the Indian Ocean.

Worldwide Flooding Era[]

When the Worldwide Flooding occurred during the 2012 Apocalypse, the people who were selected to survive remained inside the arks, whilst people boarding Ark 3 were delayed due to the Displacement of the Earth's Crust. In Ark 4, Adrian Helmsley, Carl Anheuser, Professor Frederick West, Captain Michaels and Scotty were preparing for the flooding, coming from the west side of India, in two hours. However, after Adrian received a call from Satnam, he rushed to tell the others that another wave is coming from the eastern side, around the Sumatra fault line during the earthquakes, and the alerts the people that the time for impact reduced, a lot. The time for impact is less than 30 minutes because of the altitude of the wave and the speed as well, covering several countries along with the western wave before reaching the Himalayas.

When the apocalypse ended, the Indian Ocean remained in its current position when the Arks set sail for the Cape of Good Hope.