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Iceland was an island country located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Its capital city was Reykjavik.


During the 2012 apocalypse, Iceland was hit by massive earthquakes when the tectonic plates destablized, destroying several of its buildings and killing several people. It also caused its volcanoes to erupt, engulfing several areas across the island and causing nationwide starvation and looting. Iceland was then swept by a megatsunami in the Worldwide Flooding.

After the apocalypse ended, Iceland was left with extreme damage and is rendered as nothing but water.

The only survivors are 500 citizens

Former cities

  • Reykjavik(Destroyed by earthquake and tidal wave)
  • Kopavogur(Abandoned during Global Famine)
  • Hafnarfjorour(Evacuvated and was Abandoned)
  • Akureyri(Was Flooded)

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