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Hungary was a country in Europe and its capital was Budapest.

During the 2012 apocalypse,Hungary was hit by massive earthquakes, destroying several of its Landmarks and killing several people. Soot and ash from the volcanic eruptions across the globe caused famines all around Hungary. The ash and soot destroyed most of its farms and caused food growth virtually impossible. Later on, the remains of Hungary was later swept by Tidal Waves and Flash Floods in the Worldwide Flooding.

After the apocalypse ended, Hungary was left with extreme damage and is rendered uninhabitable. However, when the global floodwaters began to recede, most of Hungary had risen and is presumed to have become habitable.

The only survivors are the Hungarian Prime Minister and 50,0000 citizens.

Former cities

  • Budapest(Destroyed by earthquake and Tidal Wave)
  • Debrecen(Abandoned during The Global Famine)
  • Szeged(Destroyed by earthquake and Tidal Wave)
  • Miskolc(Destroyed by Flash Flood)

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Destroyed Landmarks

  • Buda Castle
  • Cathedral of Hajdúdorog
  • Dohány Street Synagogue
  • Esztergom Basilica
  • Fisherman's Bastion
  • Gellért Baths
  • Hall of Art, Budapest
  • Hungarian State Opera House