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Humans (Homo sapiens) are an intelligent species of primates living on planet Earth. They are members of the Great Ape family.


Prelude to the Apocalypse

Throughout the centuries, humanity formed new ideas, cultures, and revolutionary advancements, allowing them to build and expand their civilizations across the globe. However, since the beginning of time, the Mayans discovered that their home planet, Earth, had a catastrophic event that will bring an end to their world on December 21st, 2012. With the Mayan Calendar still predicting the world's ending, several religious people and archaeologists found this to be true throughout human history, but others thought it was just a myth and refused to believe it.

Following a massive solar flare (with an unprecedented amount of neutrinos) that caused the Earth's core to heat up its temperature so high, the Earth's crust became unstable and it caused the planet to come to an end in 2012. Ever since the discovery of the world's ending, the world governments began choosing more than 400,000 people to board the Arks to ensure that humanity survives, while the rest of the world were unaware of the upcoming catastrophic apocalypse. This is due to the orders of Carl Anheuser that they should keep the 2012 disaster a secret in order to prevent massive civil unrest, knowing that a lot of people would want to survive.

Around the world, seismic activity began to increase as the Earth's crust became more and more unstable, which caused small cracks to occur around the city of Los Angeles. This was seen by various residents, but they thought it was just normal mini quakes.

2012 Apocalypse

On December 21st, 2012, the worldwide apocalypse began as several earthquakes (of unprecedented strength), destroyed much of the world's nations and continents. Volcanoes erupted in several areas across the globe, including super-volcanoes, rendering various regions uninhabitable. The Yellowstone Caldera's ash cloud rendered much of the United States and Canada uninhabitable after it violently erupted earlier that day. As a result, millions died worldwide.

Throughout that day, as the skies turned from a normal blue to a dusty orange, the surviving humans realized that the Mayan Calendar was right about the world ending on the very day that it was happening. As a result of this, several of the world's remaining cities descended into chaos from civil unrest as thousands of others gathered in public places in desperate prayer, thinking that nothing can save them.

When the Earth's crust finally began to shift at 1.22 degrees, gigantic mega-tsunamis, formed by the magnitude of the corresponding quakes, rapidly flooded the entire planet with 1500 meters of water, likely killing any surviving humans and causing all global ground communication to cease. The remainder of humanity (total of more than 400,000) survived on board three of the nine Arks when the apocalypse finally ended.


As a result of the apocalypse, the Earth's continents suffered extreme damage from the earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis, rendering them uninhabitable. Over 6 billion humans perished during the apocalypse and humanity became endangered. Despite this, humanity ultimately survived the world's ending. When time was reset to year one, the global floodwaters from the tsunamis receded and the African continent arose (which did not suffer extreme damage), allowing the 2012 survivors to begin a new life there and rebuild their species.


  • Earth's human population was a little over 7 billion in late 2012 before the apocalypse happened. Approximately, more than 400,000 humans have survived the apocalypse, which is now all that's left of Earth's human population.