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The Himalayas were a range of mountains that were once the roof of the world before it was given its title to the Drakensberg Mountains.


2012 Apocalypse

During the Worldwide Flooding, the Himalayas were hit by one of the tsunamis, leaving some mountains completely flooded, while others became half-flooded. One of the Arks were not starting their engines due to a hydraulic jamming, by an Impact Driver during the stowaway of the Curtis Family and Tenzin's family. As the malfunction continued, the Ark was sent adrift and was about to collide with Mount Everest. Jackson Curtis and his son Noah Curtis, managed to get the drill out of the gears, allowing the Ark to start its engines before it could impact Everest. The Ark set sail for land as it continued to sail through the flooded Himalayas.


After the 2012 Apocalypse ended, the Himalayas were no longer the tallest mountains on Earth and have suffered extreme damage from the tsunamis, leaving them uninhabitable. The Drakensberg Mountains were made the new tallest mountains of the world when the African continent rose.

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