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You know me and your mom we... we had one hell of a great life son. And the best part about that... is that we had one hell of a great kid too
~ Harry talking on the phone to Adrian Helmsley

Harry Helmsley is a minor character in 2012. He was a musician, the father of Adrian Helmsley and Tony Delgatto's music partner. Harry was a casualty of the 2012 Apocalypse.


Boarding the Genesis[]

Harry is first seen with partner Tony Delgatto boarding the cruise ship Genesis. Harry talks about Tony's son, Wil about marrying a japanese girl in Japan and how Tony doesn't talk to them. As they board, a small wave pushed the Genesis into the side of the dock, startling them.

2012 Apocalypse[]

Harry and Tony are seen performing on stage on the Genesis. A waiter comes and gives the two drinks, and told Harry that there was a call for him. Harry answers it, turning out to be Adrian, who warns him about the coming apocalypse. The two continue to talk, Harry assuring Adrian that the government needs him and that himself and the other passengers have a chance on the Genesis. Later that night, him and other passengers on the ship watch President Thomas Wilson's last address.

As the Worldwide Flooding begins, a tsunami forms and heads straight towards the Genesis. Harry sat alone in the ballroom playing the piano, and makes his way to the pantry where Tony learned that Japan has been hit by a massive earthquake. Tony told Harry that he called his family in Japan, but was too late to warn them about the apocalypse. Harry told Tony that he hoped Will and his family got out in time, before noticing the TV cart starting to roll away, as well as everything else in the kitchen. Harry rushes to door, and hangs on, facing down the wave as it capsized the ship, killing him and everyone else on board.

Alternative Ending[]

After the apocalypse ended, it is revealed that Harry survived the tsunami along with Tony and a other passengers, shipwrecked on an island close by the Arks.


  • Harry Helmsley was portrayed by Blu Mankuma.
  • Harry was under watch from the US Government, as Carl Anheuser told Adrian on Air Force One "You told your father everything, put this whole operation in jeopardy, and its a good thing he could keep his mouth shut better than you!"