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We are all children of the world. We will take them all!
~ Grandmother Sonam to Tenzin

Grandmother Sonam is the grandmother of Tenzin and Nima, as well as wife of Grandfather Sonam. She got aboard the Arks after hearing from Nima that Tenzin wanted his family to meet him in Cho Ming to get them on the ships he was working on. Grandmother Sonam is a survivor of the 2012 Apocalypse.

Grandmother Sonam didn't believe Nima at first and believed Tenzin worked at the dam. Nima explains to her that the dam was a ship and that the government had lied to them. Later, on their way to the Arks, she spotted Jackson Curtis' group and pleaded on their behalf when Tenzin tried to have Nima send them back.


  • She was portrayed by Lisa Lu.