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I've always wanted to one day have a family of my own... you're a lucky man Jackson, don't you forget that.
~ Gordon to Jackson Curtis

Dr. Gordon Silberman was a plastic surgeon and the late boyfriend of Kate Curtis, acting as a role model for her son, Noah Curtis. Gordon has also been partially trained as a pilot. Gordon was a casualty of the 2012 Apocalypse.


Gordon Silberman is first seen when he was heading outside from the garage of the Curtis household, talking to someone on his earpiece. He greets Jackson then says goodbye to Noah and Lilly who are going camping with Jackson at Yellowstone and warns them about the bears at the park, before saying goodbye to Kate.

Los Angeles Supermarket Earthquake[]

Gordon and Kate are next seen shopping, talking about Kate and Jackson's previous relationship and also his book, with Gordon calling it "junk", Kate rejecting that notion and he remembers that Jackson sold 422 copies of his book. While talking to Kate, an earthquake splits the supermarket in half, nearly killing them.

2012 Apocalypse[]

Jackson returns to Los Angeles with Noah and Lilly, Noah running to Gordon and hugging him while waving to Jackson. Later on, Gordon, Kate, Noah and Lilly were having breakfast when Jackson calls, warning them about a coming earthquake, but Kate didn't believe Jackson and she hangs up.

At that moment, a 10.9 magnitude earthquake struck, Jackson arriving and taking them out of the neighborhood. Gordon attempts to give directions to Santa Monica Airport, saying to take the freeway, but it is both jampacked and collapsing. They eventually arrived at the airport but found out the pilot that Jackson hired was killed. Kate mentions that Gordon can fly, and with some bit of encouragement from Jackson, he reluctantly agrees to do so. He takes off, dodging the collapsing city and saving the family from the earthquake.

Gordon later lands in Yellowstone to refuel, Jackson taking off with Lilly to get the map leading to the Arks from Charlie Frost. After half an hour, the Yellowstone Caldera erupts, creating an enormous ash cloud. Jackson and Lilly make it back to the plane, Jackson going back into the camper to try and find Charlie's map. The ground opens up under the camper and it falls in with Jackson still in it. Gordon attempts to leave but slows down after Jackson climbs back onto the ground. Kate pulls Jackson into the plane, and they are almost killed by the ash cloud, but Gordon flies them out before it could kill them.

A while later, Gordon lands in Las Vegas to search for a bigger plane, and at the same time are forced to take cover because of the incoming Yellowstone ash cloud, along with other survivors. A former patient, Tamara, recognizes Gordon, which leads to Jackson spotting Yuri, who pleads for their family to be taken with them. Sasha then come in and tells Yuri that he has found another plane, but needs a co-pilot. Lilly volunteers Gordon, Jackson agreeing and they make their way to the plane. Gordon and Sasha take off, Gordon being forced to take over as buildings start to collapse around them. Still, they make it out safely.

Later, Sasha and Gordon prepare the Antonov for a water landing, but find that they are close to where they needed to be. Sasha tells them to take a car and drive it out of the plane before Sasha touches down. They are successful, but Sasha dies after the Antonov falls off of the edge of a cliff and explodes.

Shortly after, helicopters are seen heading to the Arks, one of them seeing the group and landing. They pick up Yuri and his sons, leaving Gordon, Tamara, and the others behind. Jackson later gets the attention of Nima, who is heading for the ships with his grandparents, and hitch a ride with them. Jackson and Gordon converse along the way, discussing the family and how Jackson is lucky to have one.


In the hydraulic chamber, Tenzin sneaks the group into the Arks, opening a hatch to the Zoological Bay and having the group climb through. During this time, the Ark's gates start to open, causing a platform to lower. Gordon lifts Noah to safety at the last second, but the platform knocks both Gordon and Tenzin off the ladder, and sends the driver Tenzin used to open the hatch to get stuck in the gears. Gordon and Tenzin almost fall into the gears, but both of them find a grip to hold onto. Jackson goes to help Tenzin, who's leg gets caught in the gears, but manages to climb back up. Gordon tries to grab Jackson's hand, who reaches out just as Gordon loses his grip. He slides down into the gears and gets crushed, killing him.


After the apocalypse ended, Kate and Noah still miss Gordon, but they were glad that Jackson wasn't killed from drowning. Jackson felt sorry for his wife and son, but Kate reconciles with him and Noah becomes fully attached to Jackson.


Gordon Silberman is shown to be a sociable and friendly individual. He was sometimes sarcastic and critical when he talks about Jackson's life and him and Kate's previous relationship, calling his book "junk" while criticizing the way he was to his family when he was writing the book. Like Kate and other people, Gordon was not aware of the apocalypse.

Gordon proved very useful during the 2012 Apocalypse, and was key to the survival of both the Curtis family and the Karpov family, saving the two groups on several occasions during the events of the film. He was also willing to put his own life at risk to save others in the group, shown when he pushed Noah to safety before getting killed in the hydraulic chamber.


  • Gordon Silberman was portrayed by Thomas McCarthy.
  • It is highly likely that Gordon owns the house seen in the film
    • As a plastic surgeon and seen to have been already owning a luxury vehicle, it would make sense that he would already have a home for Kate and her kids to move into
  • Gordon Silberman owned a black Porsche that was accidentally pushed into a ravine by Jackson, which he was annoyed about.
  • Gordon mentions he has parents living in the Rocky Mountains
    • Funnily enough, he may have been right about their home being a safe place, as parts of the Rocky Mountains are seen above water on several maps after the Worldwide Flooding