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Gordon's House was the residence of Kate Curtis, her two children, Noah and Lilly, and Kate's boyfriend, Gordon Silberman.


21st Century[]

The household is first seen when Jackson arrived with his limo to grab Noah and Lilly for their camping trip. Kate comes out and hands Jackson the camping tent and supplies for camping at Yellowstone, while Gordon comes out of the garage talking to a friend on his earpiece.

Los Angeles Earthquake[]

While Kate, Noah, Lily, and Gordon were having breakfast, a large earthquake struck Los Angeles. Soon after, Jackson arrived, and they abandon the house and clamber to Jackson's limo. As soon as they got out of the home, it collapsed, with a sinkhole taking the place where the house was.


  • The house and its neighborhood were made up for the film.
    • The house's facade was built from scratch for the film, and much of the neighborhood was done with CGI.