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All our scientific machines, our fancy machines and the Mayans saw this coming thousands of years ago
~ Professor Frederick West to Adrian Helmsley

Professor Frederick West is a minor character in 2012. He is a geological scientist and professor working for the U.S. government. He is a friend and colleague of Dr. Adrian Helmsley and Scotty. He analyzes nearly everything about the Earth Crust Displacement and the result. Professor West is a survivor of the 2012 Apocalypse.



Not much is shown about Professor Frederick West's early life. He grew up to a scientist and geologist, becoming close friends with Adrian Helmsley and Scotty.

In late 2012, Professor West is first seen with Adrian Helmsley discussing about the geological activities that have been occurring around Yellowstone National Park, until they are interrupted by a soldier that a father and two children have trespassed their restricted area. Professor West goes inside a lab to check the data while Adrian goes to take care of Jackson and his children. Professor West gets informed by Satnam Tsurutani in India that the world's ending was coming. That night, Professor West and Adrian were taken back to Washington D.C.

The following day, Professor West is in the conference room with the G8 leaders. President Wilson recommended that they evacuate at once to the Arks.

2012 Apocalypse[]

Professor West informed Adrian and Scotty that the whole city of California was being hit by a massive earthquake, and that the whole city of Pasadena was wiped out, along with canyons forming in Joshua Tree and Point Reyes. West concludes that all major sister shifts in the Bay Area are shifting and that the Pacific Plate is destabilizing.

That evening, the White House was being evacuated, and Professor West tells Adrian and Carl Anheuser that the Yellowstone Caldera had erupted earlier and that the ash cloud will reach the capitol in 7 hours. He goes and boards Air Force One with the others, while President Wilson chooses to stay in D.C.

During their journey, as everyone records seismic and volcanic activity occurring around the globe, the Earth's crust finally began to shift. Professor West concludes that once the movement of the Earth's landmasses comes to a halt, gigantic megatsunamis will flood the entire planet with several hundred feet of water.

Reaching and boarding the Arks, they're informed of a tsunami by Satnam, who informed Adrian and that he was never picked up. After the Arks launch, Adrian, Laura Wilson and Professor West see survivors falling to their deaths. As Adrian gives a speech to the other Arks, Anheuser orders one of the Ark workers to turn off communications, Professor West turns against Anheuser and tells the worker not to touch the button. With the gates being opened, they boarded the Arks, but the gates are stuck open due to Jackson's group jamming the gears.

After Adrian, Laura and an Ark employer leave to inform Jackson's group of the jamming of the gears, the tsunami strikes the area. Him along with others track Adrian, Laura, and the Ark worker, as well as witness Air Force One crashing into the Ark, sending the Ark adrift. When Adrian sees Jackson in the hydraulic chamber, he informs the bridge and everyone including Professor West watch Jackson try to unjam the gears. After losing connection, and later learning that Jackson made it out of the flooded chamber, Scotty embraced and Professor West.


When time was reset to year one and 27 days have passed when the apocalypse ended, Professor West and his colleagues learn that the that the floodwaters are beginning to recede and the entire African continent had risen. He also learns that the Drakensberg Mountains are now the tallest mountains on Earth. He informs Adrian and Laura the news as the Arks sail for the Cape of Good Hope.


Professor Frederick West is an intelligent and mild-mannered scientist who is good friends with Adrian Helmsley and Scotty, who is skilled in his job as a scientist and geologist. When he learned about the world's ending in 2012, Professor West became stunned and was concerned for the rest of humanity, who were in danger of extinction. Like Adrian, Laura and Scotty, he was aganist Carl Anheuser's plan of keeping the end of the world a secret and letting the rich amount of humanity to survive as he wanted to bring the remaining 2012 survivors on board the Arks so they can survive all together. During the flooding of the Ark, he hoped that Jackson Curtis would get the drill out of the gears so they can avoid crashing into Mount Everest and was relieved that Jackson managed to survive.


  • Professor Frederick West was portrayed by John Billingsley.