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Professor Frederick West is a major character in 2012. He is a geological scientist and professor working for the US government. He is a friend and colleague of Dr. Adrian Helmsley and Scotty. He analyzes nearly everything about the Earth Crust Displacement and the result. Professor West is a survivor of the 2012 Apocalypse.



Not much is shown about Professor Frederick West's early life. He grew up to a scientist and geologist, becoming close friends with other scientists named Dr Adrian Helmsley and Scotty. After he learned about the world's ending in 2012, Professor West became stunned and due to the orders of Carl Anheuser, he was forced to keep the end of the world a secret from the public, very reluctantly, in order to prevent a massive panic, due to Anheuser knowing that a lot of people wanting to survive the apocalyptic event.

In late 2012, Professor West is seen with Adrian Helmsley discussing about the geological activities that have been occuring around Yellowstone National Park, until they are interrupted by a soldier that a father and two children have trespassed their restricted area. Professor West goes inside a hut to check the data while Adrian goes to take care of Jackson and his children. Professor West gets informed by Satnam Tsurutani in India that he hoped that he was wrong about the end of the world, but he wasn't: the Earth's crust is destablizing. When Adrian is informed by this, both he and Professor West are horrified to learn that apocalypse IS indeed going to happen. Professor West and Adrian were taken back to Washington D.C to introduce their data to President Thomas Wilson.

The following day, Professor West is in the conference room with the remaining politicians and Adrian, who is explaining how the Earth's crust is continuing to becoming more and more unstable, and they have 2-3 days left before the apocalypse begins. President Wilson recommended that they evacuate at once to the Arks.

2012 Apocalypse

On December 21st 2012, Professor West informs Adrian and Scotty that the whole city of California is being hit by a massive earthquake, magnitude of 10.9 recorded by the guys at Harvard and Caltech. West tells Adrian and Scotty that the whole city of Pasadena was wiped out after the earthquake had begun, and that Joshua Tree and Point Reyes had huge canyons created by the earthquake. With the San Andreas Fault shifting, West concludes that all major sister shifts in the bay area are shifting and that the Pacific Plate is destablising, which was causing the state of California to slide into the Pacific Ocean, destroying San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

When evening fell, the White House was packing their items so they can get to the Arks, Professor West becomes alerted that the Yellowstone Caldera had erupted earlier and that the ash cloud will reach the capitol in 7 hours. He informs Adrian and Anheuser the news and everyone begins to board Air Force One to get to the Arks, while President Wilson chooses to stay in D.C to address the nation one last time. Professor West and Adrian silently watch as President Wilson continues his speech as they continue to fly to Cho Ming Valley, Tibet.

During their journey, as everyone records seismic and volanic activity occuring around the globe, the Earth's crust finally began to shift more than a thousand miles at 1.22 degrees which stuns West, Scotty, Adrian and Anheuser. Professor West concludes that once the movement of the Earth's landmasses comes to a halt, gigantic megatsunamis at 1500 meters high, formed by the magnitude of the corresponding quakes, will flood the entire planet with several feet of water. When the crust stopped shifting, it had shifted almost 23 degrees to the South West and that the Earth's poles have reversed their magnetic fields with them displaying new positions. Professor West says that the North Pole, now in Wisconsin is actually the South Pole, which leaves both Adrian and Anheuser to stare at him in confusion.

When they reached Cho Ming, Tibet, Professor West and the other crew members prepare to board Ark 4 where the American people are on board, however, Ark 3 had suffered damage due to roof collapse from the shifting of the Earth's crust. Upon learning of an upcoming tsunami which is coming from the east, of whom Satnam informed Adrian and that he was never picked up, Professor West is shocked of hearing this and mourned for Adrian's friend's death as he was also killed with his family. The Arks prepare to leave for the upcoming tsunami, which caused a riot of the remaining survivors, to burst from the waiting area and headed for the Arks. When Adrian, Laura Wilson and Professor West see the screaming survivors desperately begging to be left on. As Adrian gives a speech to the other Arks, Anheuser orders one of the Ark workers to turn off the communicator, Professor West turns aganist Anheuser and sternly tells the worker not to touch the button by pointing his cane at him. With the gates being opened, all of the survivors and workers boarded the Arks and the gates began to close, however Ark 4's gate is left slightly open to an Impact Driver jamming the hydraulics. When Adrian, Professor West and Laura learn about the Curtis Family and Nima's family being stowed away on board and seeing that Tenzin is injured due to the jamming of the gears, they become concerned for them.

After Adrian, Laura and an Ark employer leave to inform Jackson's group of the jamming of the gears, the tsunami strikes the area and Ark 4 becomes flooded due to the gate being left open. Scotty sees Air Force One being drifting in the wave and informs Professor West of this and the plane hits the midship anchor, sending the Ark adrift to have a fatal collision at the north face of the half-flooded Mount Everest. When Adrian sees Jackson in the hydraulic chamber, he informs the bridge and everyone including Professor West watch as they hope that Jackson will get the drill out of the gears. When the connection is lost due to hitting an underwater ridge, West began lose hope but was relieved that Jackson was able to get the drill out of the gears and preventing the Ark from colliding with Mount Everest. After learning that Jackson made it out of the flooded chamber, Scotty and Professor West embraced, glad that Jackson survived.


When time was reset to year one and 27 days have passed when the apocalypse ended, Professor West and his colleagues learn that the Earth has become uninhabitable due to the apocalyptic disasters, but upon learning that the floodwaters are beginning to recede and the entire African continent had risen. He also learns that the Himalayas are no longers the roof of the world, passing it onto the Drakensberg Mountains. He informs Adrian and Laura the news as the Arks sail for the risen continent of Africa. Professor West started a new life in Africa along with the rest of the 2012 survivors so they can remake their lives and rebuild humanity.


Professor Frederick West is an intelligent and mild-mannered scientist who is good friends with Adrian Helmsley and Scotty, who is skilled in his job as a scientist and geologist. When he learned about the world's ending in 2012, Professor West became stunned and was concerned for the rest of humanity, who were in danger of extinction. Like Adrian, Laura and Scotty, he was aganist Carl Anheuser's plan of keeping the end of the world a secret and letting the rich amount of humanity to survive as he wanted to bring the remaining 2012 survivors on board the Arks so they can survive all together. During the flooding of the Ark, he hoped that Jackson Curtis would get the drill out of the gears so they can avoid crashing into Mount Everest and was relieved that Jackson managed to survive.


  • Professor Frederick West was portrayed by John Billingsley.