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Floods are a type of natural disasters that occur when places, regions, cities, towns and villages get flooded with water. The causes of flooding are either a dam failure, heavy rain, tsunamis and risen lakes/rivers. Floods cause severe damage to buildings and places, leaving a ton of wreck when the floods subside and would kill millions of people.

After a massive solar flare caused the Earth's core to heat up its temperature so high, the crust of the Earth became unstable and it caused the world's ending to occur in 2012. The tectonic plates destablised which caused massive floods to occur around the world, with the use of gigantic megatsunamis at the height of 1500 meters (formed by the magnitude of the corresponding quakes), flooding the entire planet with water. The massive flood caused severe damage to the Earth's continents, wiping out global communication, electricity and radio relays.

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