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The Flooding of Ark 4 was the final event that occurred during the 2012 Apocalypse. Ark 4 was flooded during the Worldwide Flooding, when its gate failed to close fully due to an Impact Driver that jammed its hydraulic gears when the Curtis Family and Tenzin''s family stowed away on board.

The Ark almost impacted the half-flooded Mount Everest before Jackson Curtis and his son Noah managed to get the drill out of the gears, allowing the Ark to unrestart its engines and set sail for land.


Worldwide Flooding

During the 2012 Apocalypse, massive earthquakes wrecked several continents and cities around the Earth and volcanoes engulfed several areas across the world, killing many people and causing mass destruction globally. After the Earth's crust shifted more than a thousand miles, gigantic tsunamis at 1500 meters high, formed by the magnitude of the corresponding quakes, were rapidly flooding the entire planet with water. On board Air Force One, Adrian Helmsley reported that the upcoming tsunami will hit the Cho Ming Valley in 6 hours.

However, after boarding Ark 4 and witnessing Ark 3 being damaged when the roof collapsed during the shifting of the Earth's crust, Adrian learned that his friend Satnam Tsurtani was not picked up and was killed in a tsunami coming from the east, along with his family. Adrian. Professor Frederick West and Carl Anheuser learned that the tsunami coming from the east was arriving sooner than expected. Anheuser informed the other two Arks that they need to leave for the upcoming wave.

The Curtis Family and Nima's Family Stowaway

Meanwhile, the Curtis Family, with Gordon Silberman and Tamara Jikan have arrived in Cho Ming Valley when their Antonov 500 have crashed, resulting the death of pilot Sasha Hoho. After the Chinese government picked up Yuri Karpov and his twin sons, Alec and Oleg, as they had tickets, the Curtis Family, Gordon and Tamara were left behind as they did not have any tickets. They were later picked up by Nima, a Buddhist monk who is on his way to the Arks with his grandparents and Tenzin who works on them. They planned to stow away on Ark 4 where the American people are on board.

As the Arks prepared to leave, the impatient passengers started a riot as they burst through the doors and headed for the remaining Arks. As the Arks got prepared for the upcoming tsunami, with anchors to support them, the Curtis Family, Gordon, Tamara and Nima's family stowaway on Ark 4 and found themselves in the hydraulic chamber, where Tenzin used an Impact Driver to unscrew a hatch that leads to the Zoological Bay. He opened it and they crawled through to get to the other room.

At the bridge, Adrian, Laura, Scotty and Professor West became concerned for the remaining survivors outside, after seeing some fall down the gap between them and the Arks, and decided to let the survivors on. With Adrian giving a speech to the other Arks to not let the remaining survivors die in vain, like what happened to his friend, Satnam and the rest of people who died around the world, despite Anheuser forbidding them to let the survivors on. Touched by Adrian's speech, the three Arks decided to let the survivors on, knowing that they cannot let them die and making humanity extinct. As they began to open the gates, the crowd cheered as the three Arks opened their gates so they can get on. In the Zoological Bay, Nima, his grandparents, Lilly Curtis, Kate Curtis, Tamara and Noah Curtis have made it to the Zoological Bay.

The Flooding

As Ark 4 opened its gates, a platform that provided in opening the gate, knocked Gordon off the ladder as Noah crawled through just in time. Gordon and Tenzin almost fell into the gate's gears, with the Impact Driver falling into the gears. Tenzin's leg is injured but Jackson managed to pull him back up and he tried to save Gordon, but the latter fell into the gears and was crushed, killing him instantly. The platform nearly crushed Jackson and Tenzin (the gate almost crushed Yuri and his sons as it was opening), but the Impact Driver jammed the gears, preventing it from fully opening, saving Jackson and Tenzin's lives. Still, the gate was just low enough to allow the passengers and workers to get on.

When the Arks were loaded with all the people, they began closing the gates. Yuri and his sons were the only ones left behind, and he lifted Alec onto the gate while an Ark employer headed over to help them. The gate was too high up for Alec to grab Oleg, so Yuri used the last of his strength to throw Oleg high into the air, with Alec catching Oleg, but Yuri fell to his death in the gap. Due to the Impact Driver jamming the gears. Adrian and Laura learned about the two families' stowaway and realised that something went wrong, due to seeing Jackson helping Tenzin up the ladder with an injured leg on security camera. Adrian, Laura and an Ark employer rushed to the Zoological Bay to inform Jackson's group about the jamming.

The tsunami approached the Asian continent, destroying a small house on the top of a mountain and headed straight towards the Arks. Due to Ark 4's gate not fully closed, the water from the tsunami flooded the Ark and its hydraulic chamber. The water from the tsunami caused flooding inside the Ark and the passengers struggled to survive. As the Zoological Bay started to get flooded, emergency flood barriers began to close to prevent the water from sinking the Ark, trapping Jackson, Kate, Noah, Nima, Tenzin and his grandparents in one end, Tamara in a rapild flooding area, and Lilly making it to the other side, along with Tamara's dog Caesar, saving them but at the cost of Tamara's life as she drowned in the bay. The wave brought a drifted Air Force One straight towards the Ark, hitting the anchor and causing the flooded Ark to be sent adrift. Later, the Ark began heading towards the north face of the half-flooded Mount Everest and if the Ark doesn't start its engines, they won't survive the impact.

Getting the Drill Out

As Adrian, Laura and the Ark worker arrive at the Zoological Bay, Laura protected Lilly as Adrian informed Jackson the news about the jamming, along that it is going to be a suicide mission as there is only a small space for him to breathe in the chamber. He goes to get the drill out of the gears, with help from his son Noah, who Jackson at first did not to let him but agreed. As Adrian, Lilly, Laura and the bridge watch as Jackson tries to get the drill out of the gears, but it was jammed too tightly.

After the signal was lost due to hitting an underwater ridge, Noah saw the cable connecting to the drill and shows Jackson. Realising that they need to unscrew the cable so the drill can be moved, Jackson unscrewed it just as the Ark struck another ridge, the shudder from the ridge caused the cable to snap and the drill to be released, allowing the gears to move. He retrieved the drill and moved it away from the gears as the gate fully closed. Captain Micheals ordered to put the engine into full reverse, after a long moment of doing this, the Ark collided into Mount Everest, creating a small avalanche, but the Ark managed to sail away from the mountain just in time, saving everyone on board.

Noah swimmed back to the hydraulic chamber, but was uncertain if Jackson survived. However, Jackson managed to swim back to the Zoological Bay before he could drown and embraced with his family. Everyone celebrates Jackson's survival as the Ark sailed for land, just as the apocalypse ended on December 22nd 2012.


  • This event is the final event to occur during the 2012 Apocalypse and the closure of the Worldwide Flooding, as one of tsunamis hit Asia while the rest flooded the whole planet.