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Water has penetrated the stern! The rear of the ship is starting to seal itself one compartment at a time!
~ Ark Technician to Adrian Helmsley

The Flooding of Ark 4 was the final event that occurred during the 2012 Apocalypse. Ark 4 was flooded during the Worldwide Flooding, when its gate failed to close fully due to an Impact Driver that jammed its hydraulic gears when the Curtis family and Tenzin's family stowed away on board.

The Ark almost impacted the half-flooded Mount Everest before Jackson Curtis and his son Noah managed to get the drill out of the gears, allowing the Ark to restart its engines and set sail for land.


Worldwide Flooding[]

After the Earth's crust shifted, gigantic tsunamis rapidly started to flood the entire planet. On board Air Force One, Adrian Helmsley reported that the upcoming tsunami will hit the Cho Ming Valley in 6 hours.

However, after boarding Ark 4, Adrian learned from Satnam Tsurutani that another tsunami was coming from the east, which killed him and his family in the process. Adrian, Professor Frederick West, and Carl Anheuser learned that the tsunami coming from the east was arriving sooner than expected, and Anheuser informed the other two Arks that they need to leave immediately.

Jackson's Group Stowaway[]

Meanwhile, Jackson's Group arrived in Cho Ming with Nima and his grandparents and Tenzin begins his plan to sneak them into the Ark. As the Arks prepared to leave, a riot starts as passengers storm the Ark's gates. As the Arks get locked into their supports, the group enters into the Ark's hydraulic chamber, where Tenzin used an Impact Driver to unscrew a hatch that leads to the Zoological Bay. He opened it and they crawled through to get to the other room.

At the bridge, Adrian convinces the other Arks to open gates to let the crowd in. As they begin to open, a lowering platform knocks Gordon and Tenzin off the ladder, almost falling into the gate's gears. The platform also knocks the driver into the gears. Tenzin's leg gets caught in the gears, but is pulled out by Jackson. He also goes to try and save Gordon, but he slips and gets crushed in the Ark's gears. The lowering platform also nearly crushes Jackson and Tenzin, but the impact driver's cord jammed the gears, saving Jackson and Tenzin's lives.

Once the Arks were loaded with all the people, they began closing the gates. The driver's cord snaps off, and jams the gate partially open.

The Flooding[]

The tsunami later struck the Arks, but due to Ark 4's gate not fully closed, the water started to flood the Ark. As water starts to fill the Zoological Bay, emergency flood barriers began to close to prevent flooding across the ship, trapping Jackson, Kate, Noah, Nima, Tenzin and his grandparents in one end, Tamara in a rapid flooding area, and Lilly on the other side. The flooding on the outside continues, crashing Air Force One in the Ark's supports and sending it adrift. Tamara's compartment eventually floods and she drowns.

Getting the drill Out[]

Adrian, Laura, and the Ark Officer arrive at the Zoological Bay, informing Jackson that the gears are jammed, and that it needs to be fixed or everyone will die. He goes to get the drill out of the gears, Noah following him a few minutes later. The others watch as Jackson tries to remove the jam, Noah noticing the cable connecting the drill. Jackson removes the cable, removing the drill and allowing the gates to close. Captain Michaels ordered the engine into full reverse, and the Ark managed to sail away from the mountain just in time, saving everyone on board.